Second Brexit referendum vote could happen, says Hammond

Britain's Chancellor of the Exchequer Philip Hammond leaves Downing Street in London, Britain April 10, 2019. "The government is opposed to a confirmatory referendum and therefore we would not be supporting it", he said.

David Lidington described cross-party Brexit talks as "delicate, hard negotiations" in an interview with the BBC today.

"We've got to deliver the outcome of the referendum. but, the Conservative Party has got to remain a broad church, a national party, and it's got to be talking about things that matter to people in their everyday lives: housing, health service, living standards".

Another Opinium poll published Saturday found similar results, with Labour again in the lead with 29 per cent, followed by the Tories at 17 per cent, with UKIP in third (13 per cent) and The Brexit Party in fourth place at 12 per cent.

Meanwhile, an analysis of various polls by the Sunday Telegraph showed that the Tories would lose almost 60 seats in a potential snap election that could come over May's failure to deliver on Brexit.

Labour's 20 MEPs, who are all Remainers, have urged Jeremy Corbyn to force all candidates to promise to back calls for a second referendum, party sources claimed.

A Labour move to ban pro-Brexit candidates standing for the party in the European elections was revealed last night.

Hunt said a continuation of the Brexit paralysis would be damaging to Britain's global standing, adding that Japan was anxious the United Kingdom would become "submerged in the mire of Brexit indecision".

He warned the talks could not be allowed to drag out for months, but showed little indication the government may drop its requirement that future EU ties cannot involve a customs union.

Steve Murrells, chief executive of retailer Co-op group, told the BBC the government had "kicked the can down the road" on Brexit, but that his firm would continue to plan for the worst-case scenario of leaving without a deal. But with Parliament still deadlocked on whether to accept that the government's divorce handle the bloc, European Union leaders have stalled Brexit until October 31.

May has come under fire from MPs including former leader Iain Duncan Smith following her decision to agree an extension that would result in the United Kingdom taking part in European elections next month.

The UK Parliament is now in recess until April 23, giving Farage's Brexit Party the opportunity to grab the media and public's attention, and take advantage of the fact that the issue of Brexit is dominating political discourse in Britain.