Julian Assange's arrest set to trigger heated debate

His lawyers are quick to characterize the case against him as a threat to all journalists.

With Assange facing extradition proceedings and up to five years in federal prison on the U.S. computer hacking charge, shadow home secretary Diane Abbott told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that the United Kingdom should resist handing him over.

Hours after Julian Assange was ousted from his diplomatic refuge at the Ecuadorian embassy in London, the country released a laundry list of alleged transgressions which brought the WikiLeaks founder's seven-year residency to an end.

Prosecutors say Assange and Manning tried to hide Manning's role as a source by deleting chat logs and removing usernames from sensitive records that were shared. He left for Britain in September of that year, and in November, a Stockholm court approved a request to detain Assange for questioning.

Ove Bring, a professor of worldwide law at the University of Stockholm, said that if Sweden revived the case, that would imply a new European arrest warrant, a mechanism of the European Union, that would require Britain to extradite Assange.

Assange met both women in connection with a lecture on August 14, 2010, in Stockholm. Rather, it simply accuses Assange of trying to help Manning log into the Defense Department's computers using a different user name so that she could maintain her anonymity while downloading documents in the public interest and then furnish them to WikiLeaks to publish.

Assange took up residence in the Ecuadorian embassy in 2012 to escape extradition to Sweden, where he had been accused of sexual harassment and rape.

The sex assault case can be re-opened any time before the statute of limitations runs out in August 2020. That left a rape allegation.

McKinnon was sought by USA authorities on charges of hacking military computers and faced up to 70 years in prison, but was deemed by doctors to be a significant suicide risk. Authorities said it was "no longer proportionate" to maintain the European arrest warrant.

Swedish prosecutors dropped a rape investigation into Assange in 2017 because they were unable to formally notify him of the allegations - a necessary step in proceeding with the case - while he remained in the Ecuadorian embassy.

Romo's announcement followed the arrest of Assange earlier Thursday.

In a grueling 18-month legal case, during which he was under partial house arrest, Assange's team called upon Swedish legal experts who suggested that Ny had mishandled the case and that she had a bias against men.

"We will now examine the case in order to determine how to proceed", Persson said in a statement. It is the monumental amount of leaks such as this that lifted the veil on US -led military operation in a variety of theaters, none of which have produced a favorable outcome [for] the people of those countries.