Fortnite Dev Patch Update v8.30 Adds Reboot Van Next Week

Using the Reboot Van and Reboot Cards, players will be able to respawn squad members by meeting certain conditions. After each reboot the van has a short cooldown, and teammates will spawn with very little gear.

Fortnite update 8.30 is just around the corner, and Epic has announced one of its highlight features via a Dev Update video.

A glowing mark and audio cue will let nearby players know that a respawn is in progress. Players who respawn from the reboot van wont have any items either, so the squad will have to share items or go back to looting to make sure their teammate stays alive the second time around. It is not too hard to accomplish it, since all you need to do will be picking up the Reboot Card of an eliminated friend, and then head to some of the predisposed Reboot Van's locations. The player will drop down with nothing but a pickaxe and the Reboot Van used will need to recharge. Apex Legends popularized some interesting and compelling twists to the standard battle royale formula, and in the time since it launched, we've seen Fortnite pick up a few of those ideas as well. Below you can find more details on how you can use the new Reboot Van and the reboot card. Reboot Vans will be available in the game's 8.30 patch update. The respawn system will change some of that, allowing teammates to bring them back for another run.

The vans will be placed around the map at major points of interest. Epic has confirmed that Reboot Vans are shipping with the next update, which is likely coming early next week.

Part of this is due to Apex being a fantastic game in its own right. But in the next big update to the game, you will no longer have to sit out the rest of the match, twiddling your thumbs.