US Democrats Reject Trump's Decision on Central America

The State Department said that President Trump made the move after he accused the three countries of doing nothing to stop the outflow of US-bound migrants.

Considering that there's an exchange of approximately 1.7 billion dollars per day in goods between the two countries, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce has warned that closing the border would be "an absolute economic debacle that would threaten 5 million American jobs".

The "mother of all caravans" expected to depart from Central America has begun by looking more like the baby of all caravans, after a group of about 40 migrants left last Saturday for the United States (US) from the capital of El Salvador.

On Sunday, government officials defended the polemic decision by claiming that it is a way to ask those nations "to do more" to prevent migrants from going to the United States, and that they needed "to send a message" to those territories.

Trump's acting chief of staff, Mick Mulvaney, defended the president's move over the weekend, dismissing the views of "career staffers" at the State Department while arguing that continued flowed of immigrants Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador proves that the current US strategy isn't working.

In retaliation for what he sees as a lack of progress in halting the exodus of illegal immigrants from Central America who have been seeking asylum in the US, Mr Trump, the US president, has ordered the State Department to halt funding. "If the Trump administration is serious about forcing the hand of Central American governments, it can't just cut off aid - an alternative policy approach is urgently required".

Senator Bob Menendez, the top Democrat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, condemned the "reckless announcement".

Speaking from Mar-a-Lago on Friday, the president said: "We were giving them $500 million". Next step is to close the Border! If only 5 percent of our readers donated at least $5 a month, we'd have our operating costs covered and could focus on bringing you more original reporting from around Costa Rica. A surge of asylum seekers from the three countries have sought to enter the United States across its southern border in recent days.

The abrupt end of the debate was said by the Washington Post to "take many people by surprise", even though President Trump has publicly discussed the idea of ending the program. "This will also help us with stopping the Drug flow from Mexico!"

"We were paying them tremendous amounts of money, and we're not paying them anymore because they haven't done a thing for us", he continued.

The Honduran government also emphasized its "solid and positive" bilateral relationship with the United States, adding that relations between both countries were strengthened this past week when Honduran President Juan Orlando Hernandez and USA national security adviser John Bolton met at the White House. However, according to congressional staffers quoted by the Washington Post, the United States president has "some wiggle room to reprogram funds". DHS can now do this for unaccompanied minors from Mexico, but not from countries further south. The Immigration and Customs Enforcement unit of DHS had almost 50,000 adults in custody last week.