People should fear impact of no-deal Brexit, warns adviser

Earlier, the Taoiseach said that European leaders need to be open to any credible proposals that British Prime Minister Theresa May puts forward to break the Brexit deadlock at an emergency summit next week.

European Union sources told Reuters in February that Dublin would soon have to come up with a plan to ensure the integrity of the single market or face checks on its own goods coming into the rest of the bloc, if they are also allowed to move freely to and from a country that is no longer a member.

"We will never abandon Ireland or the Irish people no matter what happens, because this solidarity is the very goal of the European project", said Mr Macron.

Ireland will not countenance checks on its exports at European Union ports following any no-deal Brexit as a result of its plan to keep an open border with Northern Ireland, Foreign Minister Simon Coveney said on Tuesday.

He again warned that the Brexit Withdrawal Agreement is the only deal on the table - and said that if the UK Parliament fails to pass it in the coming days, the country will have to request a longer extension or face leaving without a deal.

"We are preparing for all outcomes, and have prepared intensively for a No Deal".

Mr Varadkar said that it would come with conditions, requiring the United Kingdom to take part in European elections on 23 May. From the roots of British euroscepticism to the Irish backstop and the long-term impact of Brexit, we talk you through the technicalities in 2-minute (ish) chunks.

"We can not avoid failure for them - a long extension involving the UK's participation in the European elections and in the EU's institutions is far from evident".

Mr Varadkar is expected to return from Paris on Tuesday evening and hold a meeting of his cabinet.

The EU's Brexit negotiator, Michel Barnier, said Tuesday that the EU was working with Ireland "on a unilateral basis in the event of no deal, to know where we can do these checks", but refused to elaborate further.

Speaking alongside Mr Macron, he said: "The UK is very much consumed by Brexit but Ireland, France and the European Union shouldn't be consumed by Brexit".

German Chancellor Angela Merkel will visit Dublin on Thursday, as pressure mounts over Parliament's failure to ratify the withdrawal agreement.

Mr Varadkar said he would discuss with his French and German counterparts how the European Council should respond to a request for another extension from the United Kingdom, to seek a delay to the Brexit process.