Who are the rivals to Apple’s new subscription TV service?

The move comes amid deepening woes for the news sector facing a hard transition to the digital world where few people want to pay for information and advertising is problematic.

Apart from Apple-originals, the company is also looking forward to get the likes of HBO, Showtime and Starz to stream their content on the Apple platform.

Within a few hours from now, the world can watch the much awaited unveiling ceremony of Show time Event that will be kicked off by the Apple Company. Apple says advertisers won't track readers inside the app.

This model - which may also be adopted by WarnerMedia or Disney - could fuel a new market for "addressable" or targeted ads which are based on data from viewers in the same manner as Google and Facebook. According to Bloomberg, Apple has partnered with Goldman Sachs to launch a co-branded credit card.

It won't have any late fees or annual fees and offer 2 percent cash back.

Apple has big ambitions for the service, and is hiring people with experience in promoting movies and TV shows for awards including the Emmys and Oscars.

For its soon-to-be unveiled video streaming service, Apple will apparently adopt something similar to a la carte pricing.

March 2019 is close at hand, and that means Netflix subscribers will be able to binge watch a bunch of new and returning TV shows and movies. As expected, the company just announced its game subscription service which will be called Apple Arcade, and among the details we know so far is that it will give subscribers access to more than 100 new and exclusive games.

But Apple remained focused on making on gadgets: iPhones, iPads, computers and its Apple TV streaming box for TVs. It has taken his successor, CEO Tim Cook, almost eight years to draw up the script that the company will now try to execute. This is half of the cheapest plan Netflix now offers for INR 500 ($7.2), which gives you SD quality and the option to stream on one device at a time.

Hulu ended 2018 with some 25 million subscribers in the USA for its various streaming plans, some of which are ad-supported. But Apple will have several other deep-pocketed competitors fighting for consumers' dollars. The WSJ also reported that Apple and Roku are in talks to bring Apple's new TV services to Roku owners.

According to Apple's first quarter results published earlier this year, services revenue hit an all-time high of $10.9 billion which is up by 19% over the prior year. AT&T is debuting another streaming service built around HBO. Free-to-play games that generate their revenue from optional in-game purchases aren't said to be part of the plans.