Google’s most sophisticated Assistant feature is finally coming to the iPhone

Google is expanding its Duplex restaurant reservation service in American states but only 43 states have confirmed the expansion.

Google is bringing Continued Conversation to Assistant-powered Smart Displays, such as its Home Hub and Lenovo Smart Display.

Although Duplex can only make restaurant reservations for now, Google's first demo of the technology, back in June 2018, showed how it could also be used to make an appointment at a hair salon.

Duplex, Google's human-like artificial intelligence debuted last summer, is now available for all Pixel smartphone owners in 43 USA states. Notably, India already has assistant support to host Duplex, but the final answer still remains to be seen.

On the surface, Google Duplex looks so easy to use. Naturally, it also raised concerns over privacy, recording, and full disclosure, reasons why Google took its time to roll out the feature to more cities.

Engadget reported that the automated voice-calling tech will now be available for Pixel phone owners. Duplex made its public debut at last year's Google I/O event and instantly became one of the main talking points of the event. "Once your reservation is successfully made, you'll receive a notification on your phone, an email update and a calendar invite so you don't forget". All without needing to say "Hey Google" again. With the Duplex, any restaurant with an online booking system can be contacted. Google offered The Verge the following statement about those last few States.

Until now, Google had limited Duplex to its own Pixel devices, and there hasn't been much talk of when it might appear on iPhones or other Android devices.