Nintendo next Labo kit is all about virtual reality

Retailing exclusively from Nintendo's online store, the first will contain the Elephant and Camera accessories while the second comes with the Wind Pedal and Bird.

Credit: NintendoIn a sudden and unexpected announcement last night (March 6), Nintendo announced a new Labo cardboard kit for the Nintendo Switch that turns it into a virtual reality headset. Curiously, there doesn't appear to be any gameplay footage of the Labo VR Kit's games.

The Labo: VR Kit will launch in two configurations on April 12, 2019. Nintendo Labo: VR Kit is the fourth kit in the Nintendo Labo series, providing the tools to make DIY cardboard creations called Toy-Con; play a variety of games with these creations; and discover how Nintendo Switch technology brings it all to life.

"We wanted to design an experience that encourages both virtual and real-world interactions among players", Doug Bowser, Nintendo of America's chief, said in a statement Thursday.

Nintendo gaming fans will have to wait until 12 April for these VR kits to make it to retail (US date and prices provided).

Nintendo's VR headset doesn't require a strap-on to stay affixed.

The VR Kits for Nintendo Switch will be available on 12 April and cost $79.99 and $39.99 respectively (we're still waiting for United Kingdom prices).

"The Starter Set + Blaster kit provides an action-packed introduction to the experience", the official website continues. More information about the experiences offered by Nintendo Labo: VR Kit will be revealed in the future.

The Toy-Con Garage feature will be making a return in the VR kit, which could lead to some seriously awesome creations.

Now, of course, since this is a Labo-based set, it does just mean that Nintendo is developing software specifically around the cardboard kit; you're not suddenly going to playing Mario Kart 8 or The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild if you pick up the cardboard kit. It's a good option for kids and families who want to dive in to the full experience.