North-east parents told not to panic over Momo Challenge

The email from the police also highlighted concerns over the game "being used by hackers 'seeking and harvesting information".

"I would encourage parents to know what your children are looking at and who they are talking to".

I'd encourage parents to talk with children about apps and games to better understand what they might be exposed to'.

The Haslingden Primary School said in a statement: "We have become increasingly aware of highly inappropriate videos circulating online and are being viewed by children across the school".

These videos reportedly specifically target children in Peppa Pig and Fortnite clips.

Schools have published warnings on social media telling parents about the sinister game and urging them to monitor their children's internet activity.

Gardaí have also reminded children and parents to be safe online and to avoid contact with people they do not know in the real world. 'If they are unsure, encourage them to talk to you or another trusted adult'.

The Momo Challenge begins with receiving a notification on a social media network like Facebook or WhatsApp.

Education safeguarding advisor for Kent County Council, Rebecca Avery, posted advice on The Education People - a trading company for the council - about the challenge.

"It doesn't come on instantly so it's nearly as if it waits for you to leave the room then comes on in mid-show". The next time parents are faced with sharing an all-caps horrifying warning about a boogieman out to get their children, they need to consider their own role in creating the monster before clicking share. The origin of the challenge is unclear, if it is indeed true, and many people believe that it's a hoax.

The first thing the NOS recommends parents do is tell the children that Momo isn't real.

A video shared by Twitter user @ataveiraa shows the sculpture, who has eerily wide eyes and an exceedingly creepy, inhuman mouth.

"She said she was watching one of her game videos on YouTube and she said that Momo appeared along with other characters like Slenderman".

"We are aware that some nasty challenges (Momo challenge) are hacking into children's programmes".

'I'm not sure if this influenced Ronnie's behaviour at school, his bed wetting and his bad dreams but nearly two weeks of certain apps being uninstalled on their tablets, extreme parental controls activated and YouTube totally banned because of Momo NOT them, Ronnies had more good days at school than bad, hasn't woke once complaining of a bad dream & has been dry for almost a week. I'm being warned it's on @ YouTube KIDS and @ FortniteGame is it? Normally she would watch it through her phone or Xbox. "I simply asked her if she had seen it before and the look on her face was nervousness".