Mobile Phones: Huawei Mate X foldable 5G smartphone launched

Of course, there are some differences between the two. But more importantly, the 6.6-inch display on the front that you get when folded beats the Galaxy Fold's tiny 4.6-inch display.

The Weibo post was accompanied by a couple of close-up shots of the phone in question which reminded us of the Mate X. However, when unfolded it creates a combined 8-inch display.

"The fullscreen display on the wide side of the phone when folded acts as a 6.6" unit with a resolution of 2480 x 1148.

You can get a better idea of how the device functions in the clip below.

It's an astonishingly slender device. The phone also packs a side-mounted fingerprint scanner that doubles as the power button.

Let's take a look at Mate X and what it actually promises. When it's in smartphone form, which is likely to be more often the case than not, the outer displays are each large and vibrant. However, it also means the Galaxy Fold requires an entirely separate screen on the outside of the book-like design so that it can be used without unfurling the 7.3-inch Infinity Flex display.

You will notice that the device has two cameras, though, a dual-LED flash below them, while OPPO's branding is also included on that bump on the back.

Huawei named the design of the gripping handle he "Falcon Wing". "It's very expensive, but there's lots of new technology here".

"As a new breed of smartphones, Huawei Mate X combines 5G, foldable screen, AI and an all-new mode of interfacing to provide consumers with an unprecedented user experience", he said. That's potentially ten times the bandwidth you'd find on a current 4G LTE network, and enough to download a 1GB video in just three seconds.

Huawei Mate X hands on #mwc19 #5G #huawei #foldable How well will it work for 5G content?

Earlier today, news outlet Asia Crypto Today reported that they had heard from anonymous sources that "the Enjin Wallet has been chosen as the partners for the new flagship phone", and they referred to this as "the biggest partnership in crypto history".

Finally, unfolding the Mate X results in the AMOLED screen to reveal its true physical dimensions. The striking Interstellar Blue hue can be seen on the top, bottom, and the rear of the device. Though as numerous three-letter security agencies have pointed out repeatedly, that's also one of the big reasons USA policymakers have become so wary of Huawei lately.

Samsung has recently introduced its highly anticipated Galaxy S10 smartphone lineup in an Unpacked event held in San Francisco. The modem is paired with the company's Kirin 980 chipset. Huawei's version includes 5G capabilities, a part of their business which has previously come under fire, with various countries, including Australia, New Zealand and Canada expressing misgivings about using the Chinese company's 5G within their own borders.

Huawei also says it's packed a sufficient enough battery - a 4,500 mAh power cell - to power the Mate X. Additionally, the Mate X supports 55-watt charging, allowing it to be charged up to 85 percent in 30 minutes.

Impressive as this all is, there are still plenty of questions to be settled. "I thought I wanted to switch phones". Pricing, too, is still to be confirmed.

With the smart phone industry struggling as of late, it can be expected that MWC 2019 will produce all sorts of oddities to tempt buyers.