Why the Marshmello x Fortnite concert is such a big deal

The stage for the show has been constructed on the football field inside the park.

Masked dance music DJ, friend of Ninja, and host of his own cooking channel Marshmello played a live concert in Fortnite this weekend. There will be a special game mode created for the event that will allow users to respawn, as Marshmello performs a set live in-game, something that has never been done before. With damage turned off while at the concert, you got lobbies full of 60 people each doing Fortnite dances, the worm, the Marsh walk, and other insane emotes.

The show was a sight to remember as players from around the world joined together to enjoy a set by the worldwide phenomenon EDM DJ, Marshmello, for a free concert! There's just something about massive community events that bring people together. But perhaps smartest of all, this was not an event for Marshmello fans in the way that previous virtual concerts have been.

Sources are telling me there were more than *10 million concurrent players* watching the @marshmellomusic concert in @FortniteGame today - on top of the millions watching online.

"Fortnite" is known for their skins and emotes that can be bought with the game's currency called V-bucks. Do that, and you'll net a Marshmello-themed spray for yourself.

Some Marshmellow-related items will be available in the game too.

Marshmello uploaded the whole concert to his YouTube channel which you can watch below.