Pelosi says Trump not paying heed to intelligence advisers

Apart from presenting a different view of North Korea and denuclearization, the intelligence chiefs also refuted Trump's claim that the Islamic State has been defeated in Syria.

Here, too, resist Coats Trump, has identified no risk of an interference of Russian Federation in the past and future of USA presidential election speech.

The Trump administration said earlier this week that although Iran hasn't begun moving towards making nuclear weapons, it has "publicly threatened to push the boundaries" of the agreement if they don't receive any benefit from it, according to Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats.

The testy response came after a U.S. intelligence report said Iran was not making nuclear weapons.

Hai Do adapted this story for Learning English with news reports from Reuters and the Associated Press.

Nine days before assuming the presidency, Trump accused the intelligence community of leaking false information, saying "that's something that Nazi Germany would have done". We're not going to be leading from behind anymore.

The report also said the Islamic State group "remains a terrorist and insurgent threat" inside Iraq, where the government faces "an increasingly disenchanted public".

The news comes as the United States plans to pull troops out of Syria.

"While ISIS is nearing territorial defeat in Iraq and Syria, the group has returned to its guerrilla warfare roots while continuing to plot attacks and direct its supporters worldwide", he said.

Trump has given the USA military about four months to withdraw the troops in Syria, backtracking from his abrupt order in December for a pullout within 30 days. Trump has ordered a partial pullback of USA forces this year, although no firm plan is in place.

Believing in the country's top leader, members of the Trump administration have downplayed ISIS' reach and impact in Syria.

"Especially concerning have been the efforts of big Chinese tech companies - which are beholden to the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) - to acquire sensitive technology, replicate it, and undermine the market share of U.S. firms with the help of the Chinese state", Mr Warner said.

President Trump on Wednesday claimed "tremendous progress" in destroying the Islamic State and denuclearizing North Korea, a day after USA intelligence chiefs offered congressional testimony at odds with his rosy assessments on multiple global threats.

"North Korea's leaders see having a nuclear weapons capability as "critical to regime survival", he said".

Coats also stressed that the intelligence community's "assessment is bolstered by observation of some activity that is inconsistent with full denuclearization". He pointed to a halt in nuclear and missile tests by NKorea, the return of some USA service members' remains and the release of detained Americans as signs of progress. We expect them to refine their capabilities and add new tactics as they learn from each other's experiences and efforts in previous elections, Coats said.

The president is aiming to secure that commitment next month from the North Korean leader in exchange for removing sanctions and normalized relations. There are no rockets. Asked by reporters if he has confidence in his intelligence chiefs, Trump said: "I think time will prove me right".

"You look at what's happened in Syria with respect to ISIS and the caliphate, we took over a lot of area in the last two weeks".

On Iran, Coats said "While we do not believe Iran is now undertaking the key activities we judge necessary to produce a nuclear device, Iranian officials have publicly threatened to push the boundaries of JCPOA restrictions if Iran does not gain the tangible financial benefits it expected from the deal".

United States aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis sailed into the Persian Gulf. It's why he's been demanding billions of dollars to build a border wall and why he has often sounded off on Iran's nuclear goals.

"We will wait with patience and in good faith and, together with the USA, advance step by step toward the goal to be reached by the two countries", Kim said.