Race for the White House: Kamala Harris enters 2020 presidential contest

Daughter of immigrants from Jamaica and India, Harris, 54, declared her intention to run on what is Martin Luther King Jr Day in an appearance on Good Morning America, following it up with a brief video her campaign released on social media. Unless Gavin Newsom undercuts her - and there are rumors of his interest - Harris will be the sole beneficiary of the Golden State's largesse.

Waleed Shahid, a spokesman for the left-wing activist group Justice Democrats and a Sanders delegate in 2016, said Harris is "a blank slate" to many voters. First, she has come out quite early, looking to get her name out amongst what will likely be a crowded and qualified Democratic primary that's already populated by big names like Elizabeth Warren, Richard Ojeda, Kirsten Gillibrand, maybe Beto O'Rourke and maybe Cory Booker. She is expected to invoke her experience in that post on the campaign trail, in particular, pointing to lawsuits she brought against banks in light of the mortgage crisis and against for-profit colleges for predatory practices. Harris, according to her campaign staff, wanted to honor Chisholm (who died in 2005) by using the same block letters and red font that Chisholm used.

"I'm not able to be rushed this fast", he said.

Last week, a widely-circulated New York Times op-ed written by Lara Bazelon, a law professor and the former director of the Loyola Law School Project for the Innocent in Los Angeles, argued that Harris can not be considered a "progressive prosecutor" given her record as attorney general in California.

"The more deft among the candidates-and we'll see if Harris is among them-will figure out how to distance themselves from their records with honest apologies and, even better, actions that manifest a commitment to change", she wrote.

Harris earned an undergraduate degree from Howard University and her law degree from the University of California, Hastings College of the Law in San Francisco. "It's also a very unfortunate one, given that what is at stake here is potentially life-saving treatment that is widely recognized as medically necessary for some people suffering from gender dysphoria".

The kickoff state of Iowa, which launched Barack Obama's presidential bid in 2008, has a strong base of liberal activists, and the race will then quickly move to more diverse states such as Nevada and SC. Amy Klobuchar, could also jump in'.

Harris could also have a geographical advantage, as California is moving its primary up to March 3, 2020.

But she has also faced criticism for saying she was not aware of allegations of sexual harassment against one of her aides, who resigned in 2016.

Harris has played a prominent role as Washington confronted the #MeToo movement, and was among the first senators to call on Senator Al Franken to resign past year amid allegations of misconduct.

Harris, who unveiled a campaign slogan "Kamala Harris For The People", is setting up campaign headquarters in Baltimore, with another office in Oakland.

Former Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain on Sen. Lily Adams, a Clinton campaign alum who has worked as Harris's spokeswoman, will be communications director.