Power company mishap turns New York’s skyline blue

The New York City skyline lit up electric blue Thursday night, a spectacle that could be seen from as far as 25 miles away.

Film producer Tariq Nasheed also bantered: 'Since there is an alien invasion in NYC right now, I'd like to refer some great discount offers on Airbnb rentals in Manhattan. "The blue light you saw in the sky was just the Rapture", one tweet said.

Police say the fire at the transformer in Queens is under control and no one was hurt. InsideEdition.com's Lisa Voyticki reports.

"Mayor Bill de Blasio's spokesman Eric Philips tweeted: "*Not* aliens.

LaGuardia Airport has since resumed to normal operations, the FAA said in an advisory posted to its website. The New York Police Department reiterated as much in a tweet, saying the blue light was the result of a "transformer explosion" and adding that "the fire is under control". The utility's outage map showed only about 50 power outages as of 9:50 p.m. Thursday, but that number was growing.

CBS Newspath senior producer Heather Scott reported from Astoria that the sky turned "super bright blue" and it "looked like daylight outside".

Transformer explosion
Transformer explosion Craig Ruttle AP Shutterstock

All terminals were affected by the loss of commercial power, causing the Federal Aviation Administration to issue a temporary ground stop.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said crews were working to fully restore power "as soon as possible", but he did not offer a timeline.

"I wish the blue sky in NY was aliens and not a power plant on fire", one Twitter user wrote.

Substations transform electricity that comes in from power plants at high voltage down to lower voltage levels, and send it on for use.

However, the bright blue beams that lit up the sky certainly caught the attention of nearby residents, who shared the shocking images on Twitter.

Con Edison said it had restored all major transmission lines associated with the event and was in the process of investigating the cause of the failure.