Giant Eagle Issues Lettuce Recall

According to a warning released by the CFIA, certain products from Adam Bros.

Adam Bros. Farming, Inc. recalled the produce after sediment taken from a reservoir where it was grown tested positive for the specific strain of E. coli linked to the current outbreak, E. coli O157:H7, according to the company.

Farming, Inc. said it had notified customers affected by the recall.

Red Leaf lettuce, also sold in bulk without a brand name ( carton Tag Numbers include 253-27267 331-18, 204-27267 331-18, 203-27267 331-18).

Giant Eagle has announced that all stores are recalling red and green leaf lettuce after a possible E. coli contamination.

That said, there have been no cases reported yet of actual illness associated to the consumption of these products, yet. CFIA confirms these products have been imported and sold across Canada to several Canadian provinces.

Adam Bros. Farming cauliflower, lettuce recalled due to possible E.Coli contamination

Farms in Santa Barbara County said Thursday it was issuing the new recall, for the listed products harvested between November 27 and November 30, "out of an abundance of caution".

Filtered and treated water from the reservoir may have come in contact with the product after it was harvested.

Adam Bros Farming added that none of the filtered, treated water has yet tested positive for E. coli and that all E. coli tests are returning negative.

Red and green leaf lettuce was distributed to wholesalers in California, Colorado, Oregon, Texas, Pennsylvania, Washington, and Canada. Most people with the infection get diarrhea and abdominal cramps.

As of Thursday, 59 people in 15 states were sickened in the outbreak.