Democrats, Obama Pledge To Challenge Court Ruling Declaring Obamacare Unconstitutional

"We'll be able to get great health care", Trump said Saturday during an unannounced visit to Arlington National Cemetery, where a "Wreaths Across America" holiday wreath-laying event was under way.

The president weighed in on the judicial process as the ruling on Friday cast great uncertainty over the USA health-care system, with the expectation that the case would ultimately make its way to the Supreme Court.

In a case brought to the court by 18 Republican state attorneys general and two conservative governors, Judge Reed O'Connor ruled that because Congress repealed the individual mandate to buy health insurance in 2017, the ACA is now unconstitutional. The process will take months at a minimum, even with the states pressing for a speedy resolution because of the uncertainty O'Connor's ruling creates and the potential effects on the insurance markets. O'Connor was appointed to the federal bench by President George W. Bush. "While we are disappointed in the recent Northern District of Texas court's ACA ruling, we recognize that this is a first step in what will be a lengthy appeals process", the company said in a Monday statement. In fact, Republicans just spent a majority of the 2018 midterm election cycle affirming their support for protections for pre-existing conditions. "Time for us to save billions of dollars a year and have, at the same time, far greater safety and control!"

The new ruling is "the third chapter in the trilogy" of major challenges to the Affordable Care Act, Henneke said.

Democrats weren't the only ones to criticize the decision. Certain providers of substance abuse treatment, emergency services and mental health services could also be negatively impacted.

Other experts have pointed out what they said was a more fundamental problem with O'Connor's ruling: the states did not have the standing to sue in the first place. "I think it'll be upheld by the Supreme Court if John Roberts is intellectually honest".

The Texas judge agreed. Republicans, including President Donald Trump, have long criticized the law, calling it a costly and unneeded government intrusion into Americans' lives. "The notion that the unconstitutionality of an unenforceable mandate somehow requires toppling the entire ACA is bonkers". "To find otherwise would be to introduce an entirely new regulatory scheme never intended by Congress or signed by the president".

Opposing the Republican lawsuit were 17 Democratic attorneys general led by Xavier Becerra of California.

MI democrats plan on fighting a federal judge's ruling that was made Friday on the Affordable Care Act. They say that it willfully ignores the intent of the 2017 Congress, which zeroed out the individual mandate penalty without touching the rest of the Affordable Care Act. "Now we have a judge saying we have an unenforceable mandate".

However, they have mounted only symbolic opposition to the Trump administration's assault on the social programs depended upon by millions of Americans to survive. All eyes would be on Trump's latest confirmed justice, Brett Kavanaugh, whose opinions about the health care law have been fiercely debated on the right. United States, was filed in February. While the Trump administration said it did not agree with the plaintiffs that the tax law meant the entire ACA was unconstitutional, it said that the provisions of the law guaranteeing that people with preexisting health conditions could purchase coverage at the same price as everyone else were so inextricably linked to the tax penalty that they should be struck.

A federal judge's ruling late Friday striking down the Affordable Care Act in its entirety has stoked anxiety among millions of Americans who rely on subsidized health insurance and millions more who have pre-existing conditions. They argued the judge should spare the rest of the law, which includes Medicaid expansion, the employer mandate, health exchanges, premium subsidies and federal health-care reimbursement rates for hospitals.