Former Trump adviser Flynn asks for probation in Mueller probe

Flynn is relaxed and hopeful even as the possibility of prison looms when he's sentenced in the Russian Federation probe.

Flynn, who pleaded guilty to lying to the Federal Bureau of Investigation about conversations during the presidential transition period with the then-Russian ambassador to the United States, will become the first White House official punished in the special counsel's ongoing probe into whether the Trump campaign coordinated with Russia during the 2016 presidential election.

The memo gives a broader scope of Flynn's cooperation with special counsel Robert Mueller's office - beyond what was revealed last month in Mueller's sentencing recommendation memo for Flynn.

In the filing Mueller said Flynn lied to the media and senior administration officials in the weeks leading up to the interview, telling them he had not discussed US sanctions against Russian Federation with Kislyak when in fact he had.

But Mueller's office did not hand over a 302 on Flynn; in fact, the only 302 submitted to Judge Sullivan was a July 19, 2017 interview with Peter Strzok that was conducted "in relation to other matters", according to Mueller. Flynn's lawyer now says he actually sat through 62 hours and 45 minutes of interviews with prosecutors, and he turned over sweeping categories of documents and made some turnovers of electronic devices in his possession as well.

Mueller, in court papers filed Friday ahead of Flynn's December 18 sentencing, rebuts an implication by Flynn's attorneys this week that the agents lulled the onetime Trump aide and U.S. Army general into a false sense of security by playing down the severity of the situation and failing to warn him that lying to them would be a crime. They're citing former military officials, including General Jack Keane - retired General Jack Keane, who claims that Flynn basically revolutionized how intelligence was used in the post-9/11 wars and that he deserves no jail time when he is sentenced next week.

Asked whether Mr. Trump would meet with investigators in addition to providing written answers, Giuliani dismissed the idea. Flynn will next week become the first White House official punished as part of special counsel Robert Mueller's ongoing investigation.

FILE - In this February 1, 2017, file photo, then - National Security Adviser Michael Flynn speaks during the daily news briefing at the White House, in Washington.

Flynn is the highest-ranking Trump official to face charges in the Mueller probe. Mr. McCabe said that if Mr. Flynn felt he needed counsel present, he'd need to involve the Department of Justice. The closest he's gotten to commenting on his case was in a campaign appearance for an ultimately unsuccessful Republican congressional candidate in California earlier this year, telling the crowd he wasn't there "to complain about who has done me wrong or how unfair I've been treated or how unfair the entire process has been".

Trump tweeted about Flynn on Thursday, alleging that the special counsel had recommended a lighter sentence because prosecutors were "embarrassed" by the way Flynn was treated.

Wallace noted that Flynn must have calculated it wasn't in Trump's interest for them to put out that Flynn spoke to Kislyak after President Barack Obama imposed sanctions on Russian Federation.

JOHNSON: The lawyers don't go so far as to mount some kind of entrapment case, but they are offering some suggestions if the judge who's ultimately going to sentence Mike Flynn next week wants to grab at those.

Hillary continues to skate free, unbothered by the FBI or any federal agency for the dirty things she and the Obama administration's injustice department did during the 2016 election to try to defeat Donald Trump.

Former federal prosecutor Joe diGenova blasted the federal government for what he called "one of the most disgraceful events in American criminal justice".