China Says Two Canadians Suspected Of Threatening National Security

Asked if Meng's release would see the two Canadians released, Lu reiterated that Meng's arrest was mistaken action and Canada should immediately let her go.

China on Thursday confirmed it has detained two Canadian men, raising the stakes in a three-way worldwide dispute over the case of a Chinese telecoms executive facing possible extradition from Canada to the United States.

Lu also said it is "hypocritical" to criticize China's detention of Canadians, in light of what's happened to Meng.

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer said today the Liberal government needs to be more forceful with Beijing regarding the plight of the two Canadians detained in China, attacking what he calls the prime minister's "naive approach".

Kovrig is a Canadian diplomat on a leave of absence from Global Affairs who's now working with the International Crisis Group.

The tour operator joins Michael Kovrig, a diplomat on leave from Canada's foreign service who has written about the North Korean nuclear crisis, in being investigated by China for "potentially engaging in activities that harm China's state security", a foreign ministry spokesman said Thursday in Beijing.

His friendship with Kim Jong-un included jet-skiing together and savoring cocktails on one of the North Korean dictator's yachts.

Kovrig's detention follows Chinese warnings to Canada of consequences for its recent arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou at the Vancouver airport. A Canadian judge released Meng on bail on Tuesday.

Her case has angered Beijing and shaken Canada's relations with China, which is embroiled in a trade war with Washington.

Canadian Foreign Ministry spokesman Guillaume Bérubé said in a statement that the authorities are working hard to ascertain Spavor's whereabouts and would continue to raise the issue with the Chinese government.

China blamed Canada for fanning public outrage by arresting Huawei Technologies Co. executive Meng Wanzhou earlier this month, as Beijing continued to ramp up pressure on the USA ally.

In this image made from a video taken on March 28, 2018, North East Asia senior adviser Michael Kovrig speaks during an interview in Hong Kong. She is accused of engaging in activities to skirt USA sanctions on Iran, and faces extradition to the United States.

As far as his business was concerned, Spavor ran the Paektu Cultural Exchange in Dandong, which is described as a "non-profit social enterprise dedicated to facilitating sustainable cooperation, cross-cultural exchanges, tourism, trade, and economic exchanges" involving North Korea.

"The detention of two Canadian citizens is unacceptable, they ought to be returned", Pompeo said.

The Justice Department and Federal Communications Commission must also approve the proposed deal between the third and fourth largest USA wireless carriers.

Canadian foreign minister Chrystia Freeland hinted at knowledge of Spavor's disappearance at a press conference on Wednesday, though did not name him, instead saying a citizen had been in touch on Monday to say they had been questioned by Chinese authorities.

And one-third of foreign students in Canada are Chinese. According to a report from Reuters, the merger could be approved by the us government as soon as next week. "You have a problem with us'". Su pleaded guilty and was sentenced to nearly four years in prison.

Earlier this week, U.S. President Donald Trump complicated Canada's position when he said he might intervene in the Huawei case if it would help clinch a trade agreement with China, upending U.S. efforts to separate the court proceeding from U.S.

"It was as far as I know pretty anodyne stuff", the friend said, speaking on condition of anonymity.

"We trust the legal system in Canada and that it will make a fair judgement on the case", said Huang to the Richmond News.