Congress One Short Of Majority But Claims Victory — Madhya Pradesh Cliffhanger

The SP, which is now promising support to the Congress, had also contested separately.

In Chhattisgarh, the BJP and Congress recorded vote shares of 32.9 percent and 43 percent respectively. It is now in power in only two large states. "The BJP had won 62 of the 65 parliamentary seats from the three states in 2014 and unless the present swing away is reversed, the results could be disappointing and impact its overall tally considerably".

As of 9 a.m. on December 12, 2018, the Congress had won 67 seats and was leading in one, of which 36 seats were previously held by the BJP, according to the latest election results.

Supporters of the Congress party celebrate election results.

The chorus from the rest of the opposition leaders was similarly enthused. But the activities in the opposition BJP has also started. Prior to the Tuesday elections, Congress had been suffering defeat after defeat since 2014.

But these state polls may be an unreliable barometer for next year's big elections.

In Rajasthan the Congress Party was headed for victory in 103 of the 190 seats contested, against 71 for the BJP. People in Rajasthan have a consistent record of voting out the incumbent after one term.

But early results in the central state of Chhattisgarh, where the Congress is ahead by a wide margin, have been the most surprising. In general elections, regional parties will hold the key.

Asserting that the process of loan waiver for farmers will start as soon as Congress governments are formed, Mr Gandhi said that waiver is a measure, not a solution to farmers' distress. At the time of writing this article, Congress has been maintaining a steady lead.

The results also reiterate that Mr Gandhi, who took over the reins of his party on December 11 previous year, has come into his own and is ready to steer the Grand Alliance.

Its calculation apparently was that the law would shore up the BJP's sagging political fortunes by mobilising the Hindus behind the party. Be it the killing of innocent Muslims for eating beef, the murder of a prominent journalist by a radical group or demonetisation and other harsh economic measures, Modi chose to remain silent throughout. Meanwhile, the BJP, inching in closer has secured 106 seats.

In 2014, Mr Modi swept to power in what was an overwhelming verdict for change. If BJP MP Subramanian Swamy is to be believed, it is the drive for Hindutva which enthuses the saffron cadres and brings in votes for the party, and not vikas.

It was in keeping with these grandiose assertions that the BJP built the world's tallest statue - of Congress stalwart Vallabhbhai Patel, whom the BJP can be said to have misappropriated from the Congress - and announced the plans for an nearly equally large statue of Lord Ram.

The BJP says that "the result is a setback, but it is more to do with anti-incumbency factor".

A day before the results were due in fact, the central bank governor Urjit Patel, unexpectedly resigned.

"What was promised by Modi has not been delivered...that question does arise". "It is laughable that Congress is putting up posters and making a cabinet, these are claims and will remain so". The numbers can go up and down the but public's mandate is in the favour of Congress.