Police attack Papua New Guinea parliament in APEC pay dispute

China has accused the United States of spoiling the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) leaders summit by attending with "great anger".

O'Neill said that he may release a statement in his capacity as the chair of the summit.

Soon after Pence spoke, Australia said it was joining the United States and Japan in a partnership that would help countries in the region develop infrastructure priorities, a possible alternative to China's Belt and Road.

"APEC has got no charter over World Trade Organization, that is a fact".

Mr Pence said that during the weekend he had two "candid" conversations with Mr Xi, who is expected to meet Donald Trump at a G20 summit in Buenos Aires at the end of the month.

"We all have to hope it goes in a constructive direction".

"China has taken advantage of the United States for many, many years and those days are over", Pence told the gathering in Port Moresby.

US Vice President Mike Pence traded sharp barbs with Chinese leader Xi Jinping in back-to-back speeches at a regional summit, showing that neither country appears to be giving ground in an escalating trade war.

However, it says it will not oppose Australia's partnership with the United States to redevelop Papua New Guina's naval base at Manus Island. "Those matters can be raised at the World Trade Organisation", he said. It's not quantifiable in GDP terms.

The jousting superpowers - described by Peter O'Neill, Papua New Guinea's prime minister and Apec host, as the the "two big giants" in the room - managed to turn what is supposed to be a peaceable platform for advancing multilateral cooperation into a noisy reprise of Captain America versus the Evil Empire.

'Damaging' "By withdrawing from multilateral trade agreements and pursuing unilateral tit-for-tat tariffs that are damaging not just for the U.S. and China, but for the broader regional and global trading system, the Trump administration is putting itself at odds with America's Asian allies and partners", he said. "Because then the question becomes, why should I make any concession?"

"This after I loudly and naggingly insisted he stay just one day".

Trump told reporters Friday that the Chinese response to USA trade demands was largely complete but was missing four or five big issues.

He said the USA is interested in a better relationship "but there has to be change" from China's side.

The Trump administration has levied tariffs on $250 billion in Chinese products since July.

"The entire world is worried" about tensions between China and the U.S., O'Neill told a mob of reporters that descended on him after he confirmed there was no communique from leaders.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was also absent from the summit. Resolving the trade war will become much harder if both countries do not reach a basic understanding, he added.

Papua New Guinea police and soldiers have stormed the country's parliament, smashing windows and furniture and demanding unpaid APEC bonuses just days after the global summit wrapped up, police and witnesses said.

The trade war impacts Singapore in many areas, from the economy to politics and security, he said.

One of the poorest countries in the world, Papua New Guinea's biggest aid donors are now China and Australia.

Speaking moments later, Pence told delegates the USA offers countries in the region "a better option" for economic and diplomatic relations than Beijing's heavy-handed approach. "What we're saying is the experience is a new one".