Some Google Pixel 3 XL devices have buzzing and distorted speakers

Super Res Zoom is another feature of the Pixel 3 camera.

Hands down, Google's Night Sight is a pretty incredible feature, as it can light up images in near pitch-dark conditions to something that's usable. And it looks like Night Sight will improve matters even further.

The feature will be coming to all three generations of Pixel phones this week, and the phones will automatically suggest using Night Sight in situations where lighting is low enough for it to make sense. If it detects the camera is handheld, the Night Sight duration is shorter but if you were to mount the phone on a tripod, the phone will allow for much longer exposures to reduce noise.

Instead of capturing one bright and blurry photo, Night Sight captures an equal amount of light over a burst of many photos that are dark but sharp. Though, Google has said that it will work better with Pixel 3 series as it is compatible with its learning based white balancer. To cure it, Google has added a new Night Sight feature, which helps the smartphone to capture crispier and lightened up photos. Though Google may end up having to play a game of cat & mouse, as ROM hackers have been able to modify imaging applications to get it working on third-party phones as well. However, the processing technology behind Night Sight is not dependent on the latest hardware. For example, Google advises that those who are taking a photo of someone else should ensure the target person also stays still for a couple of seconds before and after the photo has been taken - shutter button pressed. It will take a few days for the Google Phone update to reach all the corners of the world.

Left: iPhone XS, Right: Pixel 3 Night Sight. The video actually uses the previously available pre-release version of the software - although the results are just as crazily impressive.