Bryce Harper Won't Be Signing With Yankees

"We didn't get anything done, but he's a guy that is near and dear to us and we are not closing any doors".

Giancarlo Stanton's 13-year, US$325-million (RM1.349 billion) deal with the Miami Marlins in 2014 was a contract extension. For years now, Boras has been selling Harper as a talent so rare he could command more than $400 million, and when presented with that number this week, he joked, "Why be so limiting?"

It might not be today, but a recent story strongly suggested that when Bryce Harper does eventually sign a mega-deal this offseason, it will indeed be with Phillies.

Boras tabbed Harper as a "generational" and "iconic" player - citing the Nationals' stark increase in attendance, television ratings and overall franchise value since Harper joined the team. Teams do make token offers now and then, to save face or push the price up for rivals. Wait a minute. Didn't Boras claim during the World Series that Harper already made up his mind where he wanted to play and had a deal hammered out? They can not wait for Harper to make his decision - which many in the industry believe will come no sooner than the Winter Meetings in Las Vegas next month - and miss out on the market.

It appears if Middleton is serious, Harper is there for the taking - and unless the team blows it, should end up in a Phillies' uniform. The deal did not include a no-trade clause, per the same report.

Janes added, "Important on Harper: Both sides considered this a respectful offer".

Bryce Harper is still just 26 years old and in the prime of his career.

After finishing last season strong with a.300 batting average following the All-Star break, Harper hit.249/.393/.496 in 2018 with 34 home runs and 100 RBI.

In a conversation with The Post, Boras said in Harper's time with the Nationals, the club's value climbed more than four times, attendance increased by 600,000 and TV ratings tripled, and that his client had a substantial hand in those rises. Even if the market moves faster than last year's.