Election 2018: GOP holds Senate, Democrats move closer in House

He mocked Republican candidates who distanced themselves from him, chided a reporter for asking a "racist question", and walked away from the lectern at one point, as an aide tried to wrest a microphone out of a reporter's hands.

Trump's rhetoric, his style and his divisiveness clearly cost the Republican Party yesterday in these suburban House districts and will complicate his prospects for re-election in two years.

Washington analysts say they expect that Mueller, now that the election is over, will soon release more information from his investigation and possibly indict more figures tied to Trump's 2016 campaign. Several were first-time candidates. "Sorry about that, Mia".

Mr. Trump said he nearly prefers it this way, with Democrats in control rather than a slim GOP lead. It is employed more ostentatiously by Trump, but Democrats, including Obama, have similarly preyed on the fears of gays, seniors, African Americans and others when warning about the possibility of Republicans winning elections. The GOP kept their 12-4 majority in the U.S. House delegation. Democrats have flipped 28 House seats and lead in several more uncalled races.

President Donald Trump has hailed a "big victory" in United States mid-term elections after Democrats seized the House of Representatives but Republicans consolidated their grip on the Senate.

"It's about restoring the constitution's checks and balances to the Trump administration", Pelosi told a news conference. Young people (who typically vote Democrat) turned up in record numbers this year, but so too did rural white Americans, who may not have voted prior to supporting Trump in 2016.

In the states of Texas, Florida and Georgia white women supported Republican candidates for the U.S. Senate and for governor.

Trump offered an olive branch to House Democrats as an alternative to an investigative face-off. He has yet to come up with a derogatory nickname for her, as he has with many of his other Democratic foes, although that could certainly change.

That means any impeachment effort is likely to fail in the Senate, and also ensures Trump's appointments of judges will continue to go through.

Shortly thereafter, however, it was announced that Attorney General Jeff Sessions had been forced out. He reiterated that he was reviewing Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke job as well, following numerous reports of ethical violations.

Nadler's panel would handle any effort to impeach Trump, depending on the outcome of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's federal probe into Russian meddling in the 2016 USA elections and possible Trump campaign collusion with Moscow.

"The single reason we don't have more women in office is traditionally because not enough women want to run", Dew Steele said.

"It should never have been started because there was no crime", he said.

Trump has frequently been combative with reporters, and painted the news media as "enemies of the people", but Wednesdays press conference raised the level of his hostility.

In regard to the case of murdered Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Trump said: "I'll have a much stronger opinion on that subject over the next week". "If we won by one or two or three or four or five, that wouldn't happen, and the closer it is, the worse it is", he said.

Ending eight years of Republican control that began with the tea party revolt of 2010, Democrats picked off more than two dozen GOP-held districts in suburbs across the nation on the way to securing the 218 seats needed for a majority.

But the rosiest expectations of some Democrats - that they could create a "blue wave" even when playing defense on the Senate map - proved unfounded.

Despite losing his majority in the House of Representatives, bookmakers still think the controversial president is set to remain in the White House for a second term.

Trump also took credit for Tuesday's results in another tweet, saying, "To any of the pundits or talking heads that do not give us proper credit for this great Midterm Election just remember two words-FAKE NEWS!"

Still, Trump will also have to answer for a scorched earth campaign on immigration in the final days that might have helped tip the House to Democrats, even if he can argue that his magnetism among his followers' candidates, such as Rep. Ron DeSantis, who won the Florida gubernatorial race, according to a CNN projection, Marsha Blackburn who will capture the Tennessee Senate race and Mike Braun, who defeated the incumbent Democratic Sen.