Trump says America owes Kavanaugh apology after Supreme Court battle

Over a dozen complaints - some from Democratic partisan groups - about statements Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh made during his confirmation hearings were referred to federal judges in Colorado by Chief Justice John Roberts Wednesday.

Dems have reserved more than $109 million for TV ads versus the GOP's $60 million since the end of July, and the gap is likely to grow due to former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg making good on his pledge to spend almost $80 million so that Dems can control the House.

So widespread discontent with the new justice - likely to be a swing vote on many high-profile Supreme Court cases - will serve to erode the court's authority and weaken faith in American institutions.

"It's not surprising that Senate Democrats are fighting to take away people's choices on health care, to drive up premiums", said Sen.

And following the GOP-led effort to push through his nomination, enthusiasm among Democratic voters has surged.

For the record, I was angered and disappointed by Collins' speech and vote, and like thousands of Maine citizens, wrote and called her to express my conviction that Kavanaugh was not worthy to sit on the court.

Brett Kavanaugh rose beyond the rancor of his confirmation battle on his first day as a Supreme Court justice on October 9, asking several questions during oral arguments alongside a collegial group of fellow justices.

Republican and Democratic Senate leaders reached a broad deal Thursday to confirm a package of 15 judges that will allow the senators to depart Washington until after Election Day.

Among all adults, Democrats are trusted more than Republicans to deal with the main problems facing the nation, by 45 percent to 37 percent.

"We can not accept a system that empowers a man who repeatedly lied under oath and a judiciary review process that only performs a sham of an investigation into his misconduct", the letter continues, referencing allegations of perjury and sexual assault that have been levied against the newest member of the nation's highest court, and the "charade" of an FBI investigation conducted to address the assault claims, which Kavanaugh has denied.

There is a gender gap: by 40 percent to 24 percent, women say the debate makes them more likely to back Democratic than Republican candidates.

White women with college degrees split 57 percent to 42 percent for Democratic candidates while white women without a college education lean toward Republicans, 49 percent to 43 percent. Doug Ericksen's district and the open seat in the 26th, where Democrat Emily Randall and Republican Marty McClendon are vying to replace Angel.

Independent voters are far less supportive of the decision to confirm Kavanaugh: 47 percent say the Senate erred in confirming him, while 34 percent say it made the right decision.

Trump showed he still considers the nomination row a political battle. The margin of sampling error for both the results overall and the sample registered voters of plus or minus 3.5 percentage points.

The organizers ensure that the event does not support any party, even if the funding comes in large part from groups that support democrats, and internet users illustrate their tweets calling for a protest of blue waves in reference to the democratic Party.