Toyota recalling 23,000 Prius cars in Canada over crash risk

The problem identified arises when the cars fail to enter "failsafe driving mode as intended". In this mode, the car's speed is limited at 30-45MPH, which prevents further damage to the engine but allows the driver to vacate the road.

A failsafe mode created to engage in the event of a hybrid system fault may not kick in because of a software glitch, causing the auto to stall, according to a company statement. The carmaker stated that no actual accidents have been recorded so far.

The recall of Prius and Auris cars includes 1.25 million in Japan, 830,000 in North America and 290,000 in Europe, of which about 55,000 are in the UK.

This means that the vehicle could lose power and stall while, according to the firm, power steering and braking remain operational.

"If this occurs, the vehicle could lose power and stall".

Toyota is recalling 2.43 million hybrid vehicles for potential problems with stalling, including some Prius automobiles.

Prius vehicles were involved in an earlier recall for a different problem, that did not fix the current software issue, the company said.

Toyota Ireland also said that there are no reported incidents in Ireland. "All auto owners are encouraged to routinely check their vehicle identification number (VIN) for any open recall on".

But the news had little impact on Toyota shares, which ended marginally lower.

The automaker said that it was not aware of any crashes due to the issue in Japan.

"Once the latest software is available, Borneo Motors (Singapore) will update the software for all involved vehicles at no charge", said Borneo Motors.

In 2015, it had to recall 6.5 million vehicles globally over a faulty window switch that was liable to short-circuit.