The Los Angeles Dodgers will win the NL Pennant - here’s why

So Monday, just after Noon, both teams will play an extra game at Wrigley Field in an attempt to settle a victor for the National League's Central Division. He also scored two runs and struck out once. The loser will play tomorrow against the loser of the Brewers-Cubs tiebreaker game in an elimination game.

After moving to Los Angeles, the Dodgers did win a best-of-three series against the Milwaukee Braves for the 1959 pennant, but three years later, it was the Giants again who stood in the way.

For the a year ago, every Dodger fan has been wondering "what if?" about the smallest moments of that series.

General view as a Colorado Rockies fans holds a sign in reference to playing the Los Angelos Dodgers during the game against the Washington Nationals in the eighth inning at Coors Field.

Marquez's most recent appearance against the Dodgers was June 30th, in which he hurled an absolute gem, striking out nine batters on his way to an eight inning, two-hit, one run performance.

Will the Dodgers head to the playoffs as a Wild Card team or as NL West champs?

It might not have quite the same drain as the opening rounds of the NCAA tournament, but Monday's one-game divisional playoffs are going to put a serious dent in workplace productivity. Matt Holliday slid home - and maybe touched the plate - to eliminate San Diego in 2007.

At least Joe Maddon's team got a taste of the pressure on Sunday when they had to win to just get the shot on Monday. The Colorado-Los Angeles victor also begins the NLDS at home versus Atlanta. A Rockies win will be the team's first-ever division crown.

Walker Buehler was set to start for the Dodgers Monday, while German Marquez was slated to get the ball for the Rockies.

The Brewers did not announce their starter until Monday morning.