US says Canada not making concessions needed for NAFTA deal

Mexican government spokesman Eduardo Sanchez said on Twitter late on Tuesday that Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, held a bilateral meeting on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly.

Trump said he was very unhappy with "the negotiations and negotiating style of Canada", and that he turned down a recent one-on-one with Trudeau because Canadian tariffs are too high. "We won't sign a bad deal for Canadians", he added, saying his office had not requested a private meeting with Trump. "That's the mother lode, that's the big one".

Lighthizer said the USA wants to see the three-way pact stay intact and remains committed to keeping Canada in the deal now or to let it join later.

"We're not getting along at all with their negotiators", Trump said.

At one point in his response, Trump praised Canada: "I love Canada, by the way, I have so many friends ... but that has nothing to do with this".

Trump and several of his top aides have said Canadians were refusing to rework NAFTA because they want to continue protecting their local dairy industry through a controversial management program.

In August, Canadian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Chrystia Freeland, confirmed that no NAFTA agreement was reached with the US. She said she frequently discusses trade issues with Freeland as both Canada and the European Union work on separate deals with the U.S.

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The US leader has also threatened to leave Canada out of the deal unless it signs up to the agreement by Sunday. He declined to answer when asked whether Trump had lied.

USA lawmakers at the Lighthizer meeting cited him as saying the earliest they would be able to consider a deal with Mexico, even a bilateral agreement, would probably be next February or March.

Canada sends about 75 per cent of its exports to the United States, so its economy could be hurt if a deal is not reached or if Trump follows through on a threat to impose tariffs on Canadian autos.

USA producers actually sell more dairy product to Canada than they import, and the 300 per cent tariff only applies to goods above the quota, which the United States does not meet, according to trade experts. "We don't like their representative very much".

"The Americans are finding that the negotiations are tough, because Canadians are tough negotiators, as we should be, but a good and fair deal is still very possible", Trudeau said, speaking with reporters on his way into a cabinet meeting on Parliament Hill. Canada's dairy market has remained largely closed to the USA ever since American dairy farmers were caught excessively dumping products inside of Canada's markets several decades ago. In response, Mexico slapped tariffs on $3 billion of USA goods, including steel, pork, apples, potatoes, bourbon and different types of cheese.

"I don't like NAFTA".

The White House now plans to submit a new proposed trade agreement between the USA and Mexico for Congress to begin reviewing as soon as this week. I never liked it. It's been great for Mexico.