Dallas officer accused of fatally shooting neighbor has been fired

Chief of the Dallas Police Department, U. Reneé Hall recently released a statement stating her decision to terminate Guyger.

Dallas police officer Amber Guyger, who killed Botham Shem Jean after entering his apartment, was sacked Monday.

Amber Guyger - the Dallas police officer arrested for manslaughter after shooting and killing her neighbor in his apartment - has been fired.

Guyger, who lived in the unit directly below Jean's, returned to her apartment complex after work earlier this month.

What is clear is that Guyger turned herself in to the authorities almost three days after she killed Jean.

Guyger has been charged with second-degree manslaughter and is now free on $300,000 bail. Jean's mother, Allison, learned of Guyger's termination during a Sunday evening conference call with Hall, family attorney S. Lee Merritt said Monday.

The Dallas cop who fatally shot Botham Jean in his own apartment has been fired. She reportedly said the door was slightly ajar when she placed the key with an electronic chip into the keyhole, causing the door to open further. Guyger was then placed on administrative leave and charged with manslaughter. The swift termination of any officer who engages in misconduct that leads to the loss of innocent life is essential if the Dallas Police Department is to gain and maintain the public trust. "It says it was dark inside, she saw the silhouette of a man, and she gave him orders that he didn't follow". District Attorney Faith Johnson said the panel may decide to uphold the manslaughter charge on which Guyger was arrested, or it could consider a more serious charge of murder. She turned on the lights while on the phone with 911, and only when asked for her address did she realize she was in the wrong apartment, she told police. Jean died at a local hospital.

The Dallas Police Department released a statement via Twitter Monday afternoon announcing the firing of Amber Guyger.

The decision to fire Guyger came after an internal review, which Guyger can appeal the decision, police said.

Officials are specifically seeking footage recorded from 8am the day the shooting took place until midnight in order to trace Guyger's steps leading up to the Jean's death.