Mum tries to carjack driver while carrying BABY

Police have identified the woman who was caught on video crashing her vehicle in a high-speed chase and attempting to carjack someone - all with a baby in tow.

The Texas Department of Public Safety released the video Friday. The woman driving the SUV had her own child in the vehicle.

According to, the pursuit happened June 15 near Lackland air Force Base.

The video appears to show the black Mercedez SUV weaving at high speeds through congestion.

Authorities say the woman was traveling at about 100 miles per hour (160 kph) before she rear-ended the pickup that had stopped at a light.

The driver of the vehicle gets out and runs to the back seat of her SUV where she tries to take a child out of the auto. The woman, later identified as 29-year-old Catilyn Rodriguez, hit speeds of over 100 miles per hour at some points in the high-speed pursuit.

With the auto seat on her arm, Rodriguez dashed across several lanes of the busy highway and hopped into a Nissan Xterra that she tried carjacking. Rodriguez then gets out of the Mercedes SUV, grabs a child carrier holding her infant and begins running from authorities. The baby was released to Child Protective Services.

Police said the woman, who was not named, was charged with evading arrest, possession of controlled substance and endangering a child. She allegedly had outstanding warrants out for her at the time she was pulled over, cops said.