New Apple Watch 4 Photo Leaked

Although Apple's cryptic email doesn't reveal much, the USA technology firm is expected to unveil three new iPhones at its event next week.

The Verge reports that Apple Watches, AirPods, an AirPower charger, iPad Pros, MacBooks and possibly the Mac mini could also be on the receiving end of an update. Apple usually streams its event live online but if you are unable to tune in, we'll have coverage of the day's events right here on TechSpot.

Investor Warrant Buffett, speaking on Thursday to CNBC, said the iPhone is "enormously underpriced" even when it costs $1,000, given how indispensable it has become for so many people.

There's only an outline of what appears to be Apple Park as seen from above in copper (could it be hinting at a new copper-colored iPhone?) and "Gather round" below it. That lines up with the naming scheme that Apple has used in the past, which added an "S" to model names that were in-between major generations and focused on internal changes.

The September 12 date seemingly corroborates what a French radio station claimed was the iPhone event date, from earlier this week.

Every year, around the holiday season, Apple blesses their consumers with a new iPhone. There's also speculation that Apple will build on its laptop lineup with a lightweight, entry-level MacBook aimed at students and others looking for a more budget-friendly option. The smallest model will have a 5.8-inch OLED screen - the same display technology used in the iPhone X - and the largest (and most expensive) version will have a 6.5-inch OLED screen. They show an edge-to-edge display and a new watch face that includes more information than those of current models. Expect a dual lens camera out of the larger phones.

Apple's clever 3D Touch feature has seen mixed success since its introduction in 2015 with the iPhone 6s.

According to 9to5Mac, the upcoming iPhone models will carry the iPhone XS name.