Sacha Baron Cohen Dupes O.J. Simpson In ‘Who Is America?’ Finale

For the season finale, Baron Cohen, under the guise of an Italian billionaire and famed photographer named Gio Monaldo, interviewed OJ Simpson for a show called "The Diamond Life of Gio", which highlights the lives of the immensely wealthy and famous.

Throughout the interview, Cohen's character makes repeated jokes about killing a significant other.

"Cohen also responded to Palin in a letter written in character as Ruddick, writing: "I only fought for my country once - when I shot a Mexican who came onto my property".

Provocateur Sacha Baron Cohen has targeted someone whom everyone despises with equal measure: the notorious O.J. Simpson.

Every episode of Who is America is available to watch on Showtime.

After an awkward moment, Simpson told Gio to "stop". "She knows that", Simpson said. After Christina left, Gio admitted that "sometimes I want to kill her", and the two laughed and high-fives as they joked about how he could do it (options included sending her on a private helicopter tour over the Grand Canyon and making sure that her bungee jump cord is too long).

And, according to Entertainment Weekly, throughout the entire interview Simpson had no idea that it was 46-year-old Cohen in disguise.

Baron Cohen then explained to Simpson that his business partner is "obsessed" with the night Simpson's former wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, was killed in 1994.

Gio asks to be introduced to Simpson's defense lawyer, Johnnie Cochran (who died in 2005), and Simpson says, "I would have to introduce you in the afterlife".

"Hey, hey, I didn't get away with nothing", Simpson said. The former Buffalo Bills player was released on parole in October last year after spending nine years in prison for his role in a 2007 armed robbery at a Las Vegas hotel.

Although he was acquitted, the sportsman-turned-actor was found civilly liable for the killings in 1997 and ordered by a California court to pay $33.5 million to his ex-wife and Ron's families.