Russian Federation is "stuck" in Syria - adviser to trump

In their press conference following the Helsinki summit, Trump said that he had discussed Syria "at length" with Putin.

Bolton said that the sanctions were created to "put maximum pressure on the regime". "All of these are things the United States is going to consider, along with what to do about the INF", a separate accord on intermediate-range nuclear weapons that the two sides have accused each other of violating.

"Let me be clear, the reimposition of the sanctions, we think, is already having a significant effect on Iran's economy and on, really, popular opinion inside Iran", Bolton told Reuters.

In a new development, he also said the United States will cut funding for the U.N. human rights office, where former Chilean President Michelle Bachelet is set to become the new High Commissioner for Human Rights next month.

It added that the continued support of these countries to terrorist groups and pushing them to use these weapons in al-Ghouta, Khan al-Asal, and the provinces of Idlib, Aleppo, and other places have been revealed, adding that the world public opinion will not be misled by such absurd statements.

Patrushev, who also said a broad agreement on restarting contacts between the two countries' army chiefs-of-staff had been reached, said he had invited Bolton and USA officials to Russian Federation for future talks, but said no date had been agreed for a follow-up meeting, RIA reported.

The sides also discussed a number of pressing global issues, including Syria, Ukraine, sanctions and arms control treaties, as well as prospects for Russian-US security interaction.

Washington, London and Paris, in a statement on Monday, claimed that they "shared resolve to preventing the use of chemical weapons" by the government of Syrian President Basher al-Assad. "That would be an objective that I think President Putin would share", Bolton said without elaboration.

Bolton, on his part, said that a considerable progress on certain issues was achieved during his negotiations with Patrushev. "And we talked about a variety of ways in which it might be accomplished through a series of steps", Bolton said after talks in Geneva.

He said he had expressed the USA 'priority of getting all Iranian forces out of Syria, ' and reiterated that Putin had told Bolton in a recent meeting that the Russians too 'would like to see the Iranians go home as well, we (the Russians) are just not sure we alone can accomplish it'.

The Trump administration renewed a set of sanctions this month after withdrawing from the 2015 worldwide nuclear deal with Iran, which Washington regards as insufficient for denying Tehran the means to make an atomic bomb and as a spur for its meddling in neighbouring Middle East countries.

He said agreement had been reached to reopen communications channels between the US and Russian defense and foreign ministries, as well as military chiefs of staff.

USA intelligence agencies have concluded that Russian operatives targeted the presidential campaign in 2016 with a hacking and social-media disinformation campaign to try to tilt the election in Trump's favor and that they were likely to do so again in the November midterm vote. The White House later denied Trump was unaware of the terms of the treaty.

"Of course not", Bolton said.

"Of course not, that's a silly question".

Bolton told reporters to "trust the American people" who elected Trump.