Matt Ryan breaks his silence after Jalen Ramsey's fiery criticism

His latest opinions come by way of an exclusive interview in GQ Magazine, in which Ramsey offers his insight on National Football League quarterbacks, rookies included.

Ramsey is now suspended for a week by the team for getting into it with teammates in practice and has been notably truculent with reporters, too.

Getting the most heat from the second year cornerback was the Buffalo Bills first round pick, quarterback Josh Allen out of Wyoming.

Already in hot water with the Jacksonville Jaguars and the media, Jalen Ramsey isn't holding back with his comments about some of the quarterbacks in the league.

The man has a point about one thing - Ramsey has to make sure he backs it up this season.

Ramsey had plenty of praise for several young gunslingers, including MVPs-to-be Deshaun Watson and Carson Wentz, and gave many others a ringing endorsement of... I don't care one bit. Still, it's better than what Ramsey said about a lot of other quarterbacks. Ramsey also suggested Ryan peaked two years ago only because Kyle Shanahan was calling the plays.

That's not the case for new Vikings quarterback Kirk Cousins, though. He also said that during the AFC Championship game previous year against the New England Patriots, he felt the team got complacent and conservative, and that the team didn't trust him enough.

Kelly Stafford is not one to let potshots from afar at her husband, Lions quarterback Matthew, go unnoticed. And just being honest about it, Flacco sucks. "When I step on the field, ultimately I'm trying to win football games and trying to be the best quarterback for this team". "For what his team ask him to do, yeah, he's good".

Wilbon basically said that Ramsey hadn't done anything and shouldn't talk because of how disposable cornerbacks are. I played him two years in a row.