Bodycam footage shows Minneapolis police shooting Black man in the back

Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman said Thurman Blevins had refused commands to stop and show his hands, and was clearly a danger to the officers and community.

The officers chase Blevins for about two blocks through the neighborhood and then down an alley.

His statements were in prepared remarks that were handed out to the media.

Freeman had planned to announce his findings during a news conference, but was shouted down by activists as it appeared from his initial remarks that he was declining to prosecute. They encounter Blevins sitting with a woman with a toddler.

The video shows the chase which lasted only about a minute from when police officers Justin Schmidt and Ryan Kelly pulled up to the scene to when Thurman Blevins was shot and killed in an alley in North Minneapolis.

On Sunday, officials released bodycam footage of the officer-involved shooting, which showed Blevins uncooperative - and armed. While the report released by Freeman's office states that no witness saw or heard the entire sequence of events around Blevins' shooting, authorities concluded that there was "eyewitness corroboration that Mr. Blevins had a gun in his hand and was turning toward the officers". He ran away and ignored several more orders to and put his hands up.

"Yes, you do", Schmidt replies "Put it down". "I can not tell you that there is sufficient proof that he, in fact, lined it up and shot at the officers".

"I don't", Blevins yells back.

"I didn't do nothing, bro", Blevins yells back. An enhanced version of the videos has a red circle drawn around what appears to be a gun in Blevins' right hand, as he looks over his left shoulder at the officers. The officers end up chasing Blevins, who later pulls out what is revealed to be a loaded gun, and fatally shooting him in an alleyway.

"This points out just how important body-worn cameras are in these cases and how it gives the public a clear examination of events without a lot of uncertainty", Paulose said. She said Blevins was "assassinated".

A U.S. prosecutor declined on Monday to file criminal charges against police officers involved in the fatal shooting of an armed suspect who led them on a foot chase while yelling "don't shoot me". Sydnee Brown, Blevins' cousin who has served as a spokesperson for the family, continued calls for Kelly and Schmidt to be charged in the shooting after seeing the video.

Blevins responded, "What? C'mon man!" Blevins' gun was found next to his body, with a spent casing nearby. The county attorney's announcement that no charges would be filed was interrupted by protesters, CBS Minnesota reports, and reaction to the video has been mixed.

The speed of the decision in a fatal shooting by a law enforcement officer is rare if not unheard of, particularly in recent years when tensions in communities around the country have run high following the killing of people of color by police. Minneapolis Police Chief Medaria Arradondo said he could not comment on the video as it is part of an active investigation. Both officers are now on paid administrative leave. Blevins also had THC, a component of marijuana, and other drugs in his system.

Lt. Bob Kroll, the head of the police union, said the footage proved the two officers acted justifiably.

"The officers deserve the Minneapolis Police Department's highest award - the Medal of Honor - and the respect of the population it swore to protect", Kroll said. The caller says the man shot his gun into the air and the ground, and hadn't hurt anyone, and that he was carrying a bottle of Amsterdam gin.

The second video shows Blevins pleading with officers not to shoot him as he sprints down the street.