His Montana rally reveals Trump’s emerging midterm campaign strategy

During a campaign stop in Montana Thursday, U.S. President Donald Trump mocked the #MeToo movement and a senator of Native American heritage at the same time.

In the midterm elections this fall, Republican candidate Matt Rosendale hopes to unseat incumbent Democrat Sen. "I mean business about standing with President Trump to make America great again because what's great for America is great for Montana".

Today, I am going to take a different approach.

Montana, which elects both Republicans and Democrats to statewide office, strongly supported Trump in the 2016 presidential election, leading both Senate candidates to compete for Trump supporters. "She gets special treatment under the Justice Department".

He also ridiculed the media for speculating that Mr. Trump isn't prepared for his upcoming meeting next week with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, Finland.

"Jon Tester said things that were disgusting and that weren't true", Trump said, even as he conceded that he had pushed a reluctant Jackson to accept the nomination and endure the confirmation process.

It later came out, in claims Tester and others said were brought to Congress, that Jackson had been accused of liberally doling out medications on Air Force One, crashing a vehicle, and running an office that some other employees called hostile.

Mr. Trump said he felt guilty for nominating for Jackson, who withdrew his nomination amid questions of ethical lapses involving drinking and prescribing medication.

Democratic Sen. Elizabeth Warren of MA.

Trump nearly immediately lashed into Tester, the two-term Democrat, who he blamed for derailing the April nomination of Navy Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson to head the Department of Veterans Affairs.

MTN News reporter Jill Valley got a rare view of President Trump's visit to Great Falls on Thursday and learned how covering the President works when you're in the press pool.

The reason for Mr. Trump's trip to Montana was to urge voters to defeat Mr. Tester in favor of Republican state auditor Matt Rosendale. He called out Tester for his abysmal voting record, ticking off several issues on which Tester voted against the president's agenda.

President Donald Trump is expected to begin his rally at 6 p.m. ET.

Rallies like the one on Thursday also showcase a November strategy that combines sweet spot issues like immigration, tax cuts, the booming economy, and attacks on kneeling National Football League players with nostalgic reminiscences of his 2016 campaign that Trump loves.

"We will take that little kit and say - but we have to do it gently".

Still, while Democrats believe they have an opening, Trump is betting on his method.

Tester took out full-page newspaper ads welcoming Trump to Montana on Thursday.

"Welcome to Montana, and thank you President Trump for supporting Jon's legislation to help veterans and first responders, hold the VA accountable, and get rid of waste, fraud and abuse in the federal government", the ad read.

This week, the president interviewed roughly a half dozen potential nominees from a list prepared by conservative lawyers and legal scholars. "I've been preparing for this stuff my whole life".

Trump also mocked President George H.W. Bush's slogan during his rally.

Trump used the fact that some were questioning his preparedness to also attack the media.

"It wasn't what he had in mind", Trump said.

'When the fake news starting saying, 'Oh why isn't Trump giving the physical! Why.