Epic Plans to Diversify Fortnite Winning Strategies

Instead, "Fortnite" maker Epic Games says it's exploring ways to evolve the gameplay of Battle Royale so the last few minutes of each match, "don't boil down to "just build lol".

Tfue is a competitive Fortnite Battle Royale player for FaZe Clan, and the organization showed off the talent of Tfue in an epic Fortnite montage that was released Saturday, June 23rd. "We are exploring changes to weapon balance and resource economy, like e.g. resource caps", the post stated. The devs believe that "shotguns should be strong, but other weapons have room to grow". 'We want to empower you to showcase your skill, strategy, and tactics in all variety of ways'.

Epic GamesEpic added jetpacks to "Fortnite" recently, which are a huge change but don't fundamentally alter the game. However, we don't know exactly what these changes will be just yet.

Naturally, the initial reaction from the "elite" players on forums is about what you'd expect. If "Fortnite" stays the same forever, it risks boring players and eventually losing them; if "Fortnite" changes too much, it risks alienating players and eventually losing them.

Here's the thing, though.

A release probably isn't that far off, since, we're now in Summer 2018 and Epic had previously promised to launch the android release at some stage before the end of Summer 2018 - which means the game could arrive anytime between now and Sunday 23 September. And with the studio also continually altering Fortnite's map as well - an in-game countdown timer is potentially pointing to some big changes coming to the environment, for instance - it looks as if fans will have something new to come back for like clockwork. Users are directed there via a website that makes its developers money by getting people to download Android apps. What's the fun in watching if everyone relies on the same strategy to win?

A spokesperson for YouTube told Cnet that its machine-learning systems are constantly detecting and removing millions of spam videos - like the Fortnite download tutorials for Android devices - and will remove such videos "when we are made aware of them".

Although not as drastic as Dusty Divot, Tilted Towers has also experienced major changes since the meteor strike.