Ship with 900 migrants on board docks in Sicily

Aquarius had conducted the rescue operation off the coast of Libya on June 9.

The Aquarius remains at sea south of Sicily, and will land in Valencia around Saturday, Doctors Without Borders said.

A Dutch-flagged humanitarian ship, the Sea Watch 3, was called by a U.S. Navy vessel to take on board 41 survivors and 12 bodies recovered after a shipwreck on Tuesday. No such port was assigned to the NGO.

"Italy and France must deepen their bilateral and European cooperation to implement an effective migration policy with countries of origin and transit", the statement said.

Will the new Italian prime minister still be coming for lunch Friday?

The situation escalated yesterday when Rome's foreign ministry summoned the French ambassador for an explanation of Mr Macron's comments.

Lashing out at the French government, Salvini said France had taken in only a fraction of the 9,816 migrants it had pledged to accept under a 2015 European Union relocation plan.

The ship was originally set to dock in Italy, but Italy's newly formed government turned it away.

Austria's conservative Chancellor Sebastian Kurz, who since December has led a coalition government with the anti-migration Freedom Party, proposed the idea Wednesday of an "axis of the willing" - made up of Rome, Vienna and Berlin - to cooperate in tackling illegal immigration.

After also being refused by Malta, the rescue vessel, which is carrying 629 migrants, is heading to Spain escorted by two Italian ships.

He said that between January and May, France had sent 10,249 migrants back to Italy. Ten other defendants, three of them still fugitives, were given shorter prison terms.

In the Hungarian case, 59 men, eight women and four children from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan suffocated in the back of a refrigerated truck with Hungarian license plates.

Francis issued a message to a Vatican-Mexican migration conference Thursday.

Italy's new populist government was quick to respond to the accusations denouncing "hypocritical lessons" from countries like France on migrants.

The migrants will be temporarily located in Spain.

While Spain adopted a diplomatic tone with Italy when it announced it would take the migrants, relations between Rome and Paris have deteriorated in an explosion of accusations and counter-accusations.

The vessel's journey came to an abrupt halt when the Italian Coast Guard told Aquarius to hold its position, the aid groups said.

Cypriot police say they have arrested the 49-year-old driver of a boat that brought 61 Syrian migrants to the east Mediterranean island nation. They were rescued off the coast of Libya last week.

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has confirmed that he would meet with the French president despite the latter's having earlier slammed the Italian government for its "cynical" response to the migrant ship crisis.

Macron and Conte spoke by telephone on Thursday evening, a statement said.