China Says Has Right to Deploy Comandos in South China Sea Islands

China has branded as "irresponsible" USA comments that it is intimidating its neighbours with its military deployment in the South China Sea.

Using Chinese social media posts, the Washington-based Asia Maritime Transparency initiative identified the location as Woody Island, China's largest base in the Paracel Islands.

US Defense Secretary Jim Mattis speaks to reporters aboard a US military plane on May 29, 2018, as he flies to Hawaii.

"When it comes down to introducing what they have done in the South China Sea, there are consequences", said Mattis. Militarizing the islands, Mattis said, will not enhance China's standing in the world. At the same time, most hope to build trade and investment links with Beijing.

"We are focused on modernizing our alliance with both the Republic of Korea and Japan, transforming these critical alliances to meet the challenges of the 21st century", Mr. Mattis said, using South Korea's formal name. For the other Asian governments, he said, "it's a silent concern but they are very careful what they say".

The South China Sea has been a hot topic of discussion during the summit's opening, amid ongoing attempts by China to assert its dominance in the region. China normally tracks US ships until they leave. It was the latest freedom of navigation operation created to challenge Beijing's claims.

Williamson did not comment on whether the Royal Navy would take part in operations of a similar nature.

The Pentagon cited strong evidence that China has deployed anti-ship missiles, surface-to-air missile systems and electronic jammers to contested areas in the Spratly Islands. He Lei, a deputy president of the Academy of Military Sciences at the People's Liberation Army, headed the Chinese delegation to the Shangri-La Dialogue, and said the disputed islands in the South China Sea are Chinese territory.

Earlier US Defence Secretary James Mattis said Beijing's actions called into question its broader goals. "I think the likelihood of China further escalating is not to be further discounted".

China claims nearly the entire resource-rich sea, through which $5 trillion in shipping trade passes annually, with competing claims from Brunei, Malaysia, the Philippines, Taiwan and Vietnam.

House Armed Services Committee Chairman Mac Thornberry, R-Texas, who was attending the conference, said China is alienating other nations and nations must band together and say the actions are unacceptable.

Efforts are also being made to address the East China Sea issue. The summit is expected to be here in Singapore. China operates one carrier at present, while another is undergoing sea trials and others are believed to be in the construction or planning stages.

China's security vision for the Asia-Pacific is simple: major countries that get along will boost peace, stability and economic development.Beijing has long pursued building partnerships across the region.

Chinese foreign spokesperson responded to the US accusation by saying the like a robber playing a cop.

Harsh rhetoric and confrontation have complicated the Korean Peninsula nuclear issue, Lt. Gen.

"I think what will happen is the US will carry on with whatever scheduled FONOPs", said Oh Ei Sun, global studies instructor at Singapore Nanyang University.