Rage 2 Gameplay Trailer And More Details Revealed By Bethesda

It all started with a leak from Walmart Canada, which even if it doesn't look intentional, it set the timing just right.

And yesterday the official Rage Twitter account tweeted: "C:DesktopVideosAnnounceTrailerMonday". Now, we finally have something concrete.

We're also impressed by just how many enemies seem to be on screen at a time, especially given it is an open world game with vehicles.

When will Rage 2 be released?

Which platforms will Rage 2 be released on? However, Bethesda had reportedly ordered their creative talents to be steered towards Doom.

This first look is mostly real actors in costume and CGI, but the description states that we'll be seeing a gameplay reveal later today. I don't think anyone was going into this year thinking "God, I hope they announce RAGE 2 this year!" Still, it is reassuring to know Rage 2 won't contain one of modern gaming's most notorious features.

Since then more teasers have been tweeted out, with many having a distinct post-apocalyptic flavour to it. The wasteland is massive, and you've got the arsenal to fight for every inch. His goal is to dismantle the tyrannical gang the Authority that you might remember from the first game, but first, he has to survive the harshness of the wasteland. Players assume the role of Walker, the last Ranger of the dystopian wasteland left behind and the only threat to the Authority's power. It had an extended development cycle that saw creator Id Software switch from initial publisher EA to Bethesda. "You see, in a world where there are no rules, insanity rules". Characters from different factions look punk-ish with mohawks and tattoos, vehicles (like gyrocopters) and upgradeable weapons are bound to create chaos and destruction. However, with E3 2018 coming in less than a month, its nearly impossible for Bethesda not to showcase it during their show.

More information on all of that can be gleaned from this blog post.

Okay, Bethesda's back, everyone, and, no, it's not Fallout, if you can believe it. And are you interested in the prospects of a sequel?