Lawmakers ask why the congressional chaplain 'was asked to resign'

As Conroy wrote in an April 15 letter to Ryan: "As you have requested, I hereby offer my resignation as the 60th Chaplain of the United States House of Representatives".

King isn't the only Congressperson calling Ryan's reasoning into question.

But minority leader Nancy Pelosi told NBC she has never received a complaint about Conroy and that Ryan "did a very bad thing" by forcing the priest out.

The letter from Conroy was addressed to House Speaker Paul Ryan, says The Hill. This letter states that his last day as chaplain will be May 24.

The member had not personally shared concerns with the speaker but said that issues with Conroy have been raised in various formats and he agrees with them.

Two Republicans and two Democrats have confirmed that Chaplain Patrick Conroy was told to resign or he would be dismissed by Speaker Ryan from the post Conroy has held since 2011. "But that's a theology that goes back centuries before there was any understanding of human psychology, human individuality, human sexuality and all those kinds of understandings of the human psychosis, and the human person that weren't as complete prior to these kinds of advances in understanding".

New York Democratic Rep. Joseph Crowley offered a privileged resolution on the House floor, trying to force investigation about firing of the chaplain. "The speaker consulted with the minority leader [Nancy Pelosi], but the decision was his", Strong said.

Although Ryan also is Roman Catholic, he diverges from Vatican doctrine when it comes to aiding the poor, the sick, and the other powerless groups to whom Jesus devoted his ministry, as recounted in the New Testament.

In an interview with The New York Times, Conroy hinted that was a probable reason, since he was chastised after the prayer.

It sure can't be about Ryan's comfort with Conroy; he's on his way out the door at year's end.

Father Patrick Conroy, who was forced out by Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), is celibate by virtue of his Catholic faith.

Rep. Mark Sanford, who was in the meeting and has been selected to help choose the new chaplain, told CNN that Ryan said it was "based on the input of some members" who had not been satisfied with the chaplain - but did not or would elaborate.

Firing the House chaplain makes Ryan look weak and vindictive. And so for seven years, he has been comforting the sick, counseling people maybe who have family sorrow or a problem or maybe are depressed, just stressed themselves as a pastor would do. Democrats sought to create a special committee to investigate "the motivations and actions" behind Ryan's decision but the move was killed by a party-line vote.

The tax reform that eventually passed the House was not "balanced" - it is expected to add at least a $1 trillion to the deficit while delivering the largest benefits to wealthy people and corporations.

JONES: No preacher or priest should feel that someone at the highest level, meaning speaker of the House, is going to determine whether that prayer was right or wrong because this was given as he felt God put in his heart.

"There are Catholics who are Republicans and there are Catholics who are Democrats", he said in the Times.