Inside the U.S. effort to profile Kim Jong Un

President Donald Trump said Thursday that North Korea's Kim Jong Un has made nuclear weapons concessions before even sitting down for talks, while the USA hasn't given up anything. On a subsequent visit to the United States, South Korean envoys brokered a potential meeting between Kim and President Donald Trump, who said he would meet the North Korean leader by May.

The meeting room in which South Korean President Moon Jae-in and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un will meet.

Kim is set to cross the heavily militarized border on Friday for the first summit with South Korea, setting the stage for him to meet with Trump in late May or early June.

Moon will greet his visitor at the concrete blocks that mark the border between the two Koreas in the Demilitarized Zone, the chief of the South's presidential secretariat Im Jong-seok said.

From there, the State Department said Pompeo planned to fly to the Middle East for stops in Saudi Arabia, Israel and Jordan, where the future of the Iran deal and the conflict in Syria will be significant agenda items.

"A new history starts now".

"A new history begins now - at the starting point of history and the era of peace", read the message Mr Kim wrote in a guestbook at the Peace House.

At an afternoon ceremony, Mr Moon and Mr Kim will plant a pine tree using soil and water from both countries, to symbolise "peace and prosperity".

The White House said it was hopeful for talks would make progress toward peace and prosperity. Following a meeting between South Korean and North Korean intelligence officials in Pyongyang, South Korea delivered a message to the United States from Kim: that he would like to meet with Trump.

To Kim's credit, he declared a "new strategic line" last week to focus on economic development, claiming that because he's achieved "victory" in becoming a nuclear power, North Korea is ready to take its share of responsibility to denuclearize.

Chung Eui-yong, top national security advisor for Moon, met his US counterpart John Bolton in Washington ahead of the inter-Korean summit, the Blue House said.

But scepticism is rampant about whether Kim is ready to abandon the hard-earned nuclear arsenal his country has defended and developed for decades as what it says is a necessary deterrent against USA invasion. Kim and the South Korean president, Moon Jae-in, also are set to meet on Friday.

On Thursday morning, during his stream-of-consciousness rant on Fox & Friends, Trump filled in some missing details about the meeting.

Outgoing CIA Director Mike Pompeo is expected to clear his last hurdle to become secretary of state when the Senate votes midday Thursday to confirm him. Eventually, to the relief of many US officials who saw nuclear arsenals as the principal deterrent to a U.S.

"North Korea did not recognize the South as a partner that could sign a ceasefire since the armistice was signed among the other three parties", Joo explained.

The Koreas held their second summit in October 2007 between Kim Jong Il and Roh Moo-hyun, Kim Dae-jung's liberal successor and the political mentor of current South Korean President Moon.

Besides capturing the two leaders' candid interactions, the live feed broadcast a few hiccups, including when a key photo op blocked was blocked by a photographer's backside.