Broward Police Union Votes 'No Confidence' In Sheriff Israel; Asks Gov

The Broward County Sheriff's Deputies Association overwhelmingly voted that they have no confidence in Sheriff Scott Israel.

About half of the union, which has a total of about 1,300 members, voted on the issue.

Florida law grants the governor the power to suspend a sheriff for "malfeasance, misfeasance, neglect of duty", and appoint a replacement sheriff during the suspension period.

The Broward Sheriff's Office Deputies Association, which is a chapter of the International Union of Police Associations, kicked off the voting last Friday. "We ask you to start changing your policies that are absolutely failing, we ask you to change your leadership to something that somewhat resembling wonderful", presumably taking a swipe at Israel's past comments to the media that he had exhibited "amazing leadership" as sheriff. "I will not be distracted from my duties by this inconsequential IUPA union vote, which was created to extort a 6.5 percent pay raise from this agency", his statement read.

"Those who purportedly voted in this straw ballot reflect only a small number of the 5,400 BSO employees", Israel said. "The unions representing the vast majority of our employees solidly support the leadership of this agency".

IUPA officials are also upset at Israel's appearance on a nationally televised town hall meeting days after the shooting - as well as his condemning former deputy Scot Peterson, who was the Parkland school's resource officer and was seen on surveillance camera not entering the school in the moments following suspected shooter Nikolas Cruz opening fire.

Today, a union representing Broward County Sheriff's Deputies announced the results of their "no confidence" vote in Sheriff Scott Israel.

"We ask you to start changing your policies that are absolutely failing, we ask you to change your leadership to something that somewhat resembling incredible", said Bell. The 3-year-old union represents the office's deputies who hold the rank of sergeant and below, and its contract expires September 30.

Israel said in a statement that he was accountable only to the citizens of the county.

Another union, the Federation of Public Employees, voted 1,111 to 38 in support of Israel. Only the state senate has the power to remove him. Bell said the turnout was higher than expected even though "union members felt intimidated to vote". And what's changed since then?

The Broward Sheriff's Office Deputies Association initiated the vote last Friday, citing crushed morale amid national criticism of how the agency handled its response to the February 14 mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. "One thing, I denied them a 6.5 percent raise", explained Israel.

Bell vehemently rejected Israel's defense, saying that the deputies' frustrations had been building for years, but the handling of the Parkland shooting was the tipping point.

Israel accused the deputies of ulterior motives.