Steven Spielberg Is Joining the DC Universe With Blackhawk

And he's no longer hooked on blockbusters and box office hits, insisting he prefers to create films with a deep social message, like Ready Player One - a dystopian vision of the future with overcrowded slum cities.

Based on the classic comic-book, the project will mark the filmmaker's first feature based on characters from the DC universe.

Blackhawk will be written by David Koepp, the screenwriter behind other Spielberg projects such as Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park and War of the Worlds. It centers on Blackhawk, the enigmatic leader of the Blackhawk Squadron, an elite group of pilots that fought in World War II.

The first of the Blackhawk series was published in 1941, according to Hollywood Reporter.

Warner Bros. along with Spielberg's own production company Amblin entertainment, together made Spielberg's latest science-adventure film Ready Player One. Spielberg later said that he enjoyed working with Warner Bros., because they bring passion and professionalism to their work and have a rich history in the superhero genre.

"I am excited to reunite with them on Blackhawk", said Spielberg. Their popularity in comics wanes from time to time now, but their most prominent use in comics recently was in DC: The New Frontier (and its animated adaptation) and a brief role in Dark Nights: Metal. Pictures to produce the action adventure "Blackhawk", with an eye to Spielberg directing the film. In case you didn't remember, between Indiana Jones and Saving Private Ryan, Steven Spielberg knows a thing or two about period films set in World War II.

To quote the official announcement, that gave more details of Blackhawk... Films like Raiders of the Lost Ark and Jurassic Park are genre mashups, and even the Oscar-winning Saving Private Ryan indulged in Spielberg's vast talent at building suspense and crafting intense action sequences. The article also stated that Warner Bros. has their eye on Spielberg to also direct the movie under his Amblin banner.