Claire Danes Confirms 'Homeland' Will End With Season 8

"I am pregnant. I'm seriously preggo..."

In a radio interview with Howard Stern on Wednesday, Stern asked Danes if Season 8 will be the end for the Showtime drama, and Danes replied, "Yeah, that's it".

However, she did concede in jest to name her baby after Stern - "Howardina" if it's a girl, notes MSN.

Claire, Hugh and Cyrus are now based in NY and they also spend a lot of time in England, where Dancy's family lives.

"So I was pregnant when I did that sex scene", Danes told Stern following her announcement.

"When I was thinking about [working and being a mother] originally, I was really nervous about it", she explained. "I think I would make a lousy stay-at-home mom".

What has always been suspected is now seemingly official: Homeland season 8 is poised to be the final iteration of the series on Showtime. "It's just what I do for a living anyway".

Like Danes' first pregnancy, the second one also is not expected to affect the show's production. Homeland is not expected to go back in production on Season 8 before end of year. "I feel so fortunate, in that I've had this arrow-straight focus that I wanted to act". "And it's not just that", she confessed in the interview. She noted that she was loving her single life, which was something very new to her at the time when she and Dancy met.

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