Exhausted Commonwealth Games marathon runner collapses 2km from finish

In a statement posted to Twitter after the race, Team Scotland said: "Callum has been taken to hospital for medical review following his collapse in the Marathon as is standard procedure". "I thought hopefully I can get to the finish line because I was starting to get cramps in my hands".

Struggling with heat exhaustion, Hawkins eventually collapsed in a heap but only after a worldwide TV audience saw some of the most distressing video we've ever seen of visible athletics struggle.

"Obviously we need to check the facts".

Hawkins was taken to hospital by ambulance and Team Scotland confirmed the runner's health was not in any serious danger.

"I was also concerned about the behaviour of a small number of bystanders who chose to take images". The marshalls are there, they've got radios.

"Someone f****** help him", said Andrew Butchart, the Scottish 5,000m runner, now rehabbing from a broken foot.

As you know the worldwide rules are very clear in that an athlete has to declare themselves unfit to race (before they can receive any medical attention).

Australia's Michael Shelley ran past the stricken leader, who by this point was being tended to, shortly after as the hometown athlete went on to triumph, with Hawkins' fellow Scot Robbie Simpson also passing him to take third on the line in a time of 2:19.36, nearly three minutes behind Shelley. "This is not in keeping with the spirit of GC2018". They told me to keep going and gave me encouragement.

"Words can't express what we felt; having seen him take that almost two-minute lead, then he started to wobble down at the beach".

"When I was coming down the home straight I tried to accelerate but I was just gone".

"I'm glad to be finished to be honest", added Shelley. I was thinking that I wanted to get to the end just so I can be part of the Scottish team and do the whole team proud.

"Medics were shockingly slow to get there and then to act when they did".

"I never felt too bad, I was exhausted, it was hot but it always felt manageable, on the right side of what was safe".

The good news is Hawkins seems to be doing ok from a medical standpoint.

"I've been in the same situation in the heat and I was hallucinating", said Simpson.

When asked about running past his team-mate, Simpson said: "It was pretty frightful. I am now feeling much better".

Going into the final quarter of the race Hawkins, who finished fourth in the World Championships a year ago, was looking set to claim his first major medal.

Hawkins was not the only athlete to suffer in the conditions - Tanzania's Stephano Huche Gwandu was put in a wheelchair after falling as he crossed the finish line.

Fellow Tanzanian Saidi Juma Makula collapsed close to the finish line before being helped into an ambulance - one of seven of the 24 starters who failed to complete the race.