All of Facebook's privacy fixes have broken Tinder

Facebook is now dealing with a scandal regarding over 87 million users who had their data accessed by the firm Cambridge Analytica, including over 600,000 Canadians.

Twitterati had a field day after the dating app crashed.

To announce the agreement, Tinder launched a City-branded blimp over Manchester which featured the hashtag #perfectmatch, and they will even go one step further.

When tapping "Ask Me" - the only provided option - the app requests that the user logs into Facebook again, which restarts the same error loop. Hours later, lonely hearts the world round were reporting they could no longer log in to Tinder. "Tinder requires you provide additional Facebook permissions in order to use a Tinder account". For example, Facebook has said it will remove developers' access to people's data if the person has not used the app in three months.

It's unclear when the data will return to the mobile app.

Meanwhile, Tinder users took to Twitter and complained that they had been "kicked off" the dating app and that they could not sign back on.

On Wednesday, a sudden change in Facebook's policy crashed The Tinder app, temporarily deleted users' matches and messages, and sent Tinderers into shear panic.

Tinder has previously tried a number of different methods to achieve this same goal including introducing a new "Feed" that gives prospective matches much more information about your life beyond a short bio and handful of photos. For those deconditioned to using a mouse through years of swiping left and right, other dating sites with Facebook integration like Hinge and Bumble were unaffected.

Tinder is now trailing the feature to determine if users and potential lovers warm to the idea of live images. Roderick Hsiao, a software engineer at Tinder, said on Twitter that users can also try the desktop site if they need to access Tinder immediately.

The dating app isn't the first to experiment with video.