A Fortnite Mobile message from your teacher

Today, Epic Games revealed on Fortnite Battle Royale's Message of the Day a vending machine is coming to the game this week, confirming theories that players can trade spare materials such as metal, wood, and bricks for gear. Both games are in the top 10 downloaded games in Google Play and/or the Apple App Store for iPhone and iPad. We still don't have any proper date of its release on Android.

A researcher from the United Kingdom is arguing that Fortnite, Epic Games' sandbox survival game, isn't addictive.

Though finally, the wait is now over as anyone who owns an iPhone 6s or above, or an iPad mini 4 / Air 2 or later can play the game on their device.

Fortnite is a sandbox, survival game that originally launched on consoles, PC and Mac.

The iPhone 5S, iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, iPad Air, iPad Mini 2, iPad Mini 3 or an iPod Touch users can not enjoy the game.

The every-man-for-himself gameplay is already on every platform for free on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

The weekly challenges will be available throughout the duration of the season 3 Battle Pass, which means that players can complete them at any time as long as it is before the season ends. As well, a self-control RPG missile weapon was added on top of in-game clues that hint towards the impending doom of the most popular landing town in Fortnite, Tilted Towers.

The development team have confirmed that matchmaking has been re-enabled although players will experience a login queue when attempting to access the game.

The weapons are a bit on the Science Fiction side, the sniper rifle is more precise and the game does not take itself as seriously as it should, thus being more fun and with incredibly customizable characters.