Widow of the Pulse nightclub shooter found not guilty

Noor Salman is charged with obstruction and providing material support to a terrorist organization.

Prosecutors said that Salman, 31, helped her husband, even if she didn't pull the actual trigger that night. She may not have known what day, or what location, but she knew. The defense lawyers argued that the disproved statement was a key piece of evidence that kept her behind bars since her arrest in January 2017.

The Intercept has done invaluable work debunking numerous falsehoods relating to the case that were spread by the public, the media, and the government.

Orlando Police Chief John Mina, in a statement, also thanked the jury.

He thanked the jury for their work.

" We are really sorry for the member of the family as well as good friends of the 49 targets of the Pulse bar capturing and the survivors of that awful assault", a family members speaker informed press reporters outside the court. UNITED STATE District Judge Paul Byron introduced the decision Friday, about one month after the test opened up. My initial inclination was not to communicate with the news media at all, however once I returned home a watched the news coverage of the reactions to the verdicts I felt compelled to at least clarify several misconceptions.

"We just felt that the prosecution didn't provide sufficient proof to meet the burden of proof required by the letter of the law", the jury foreman said.

Christine Leinonen, an attorney and former state trooper whose only son was killed in the nightclub massacre, told The Orlando Sentinel that she was disappointed but not shocked by the verdict.

Salman did not testify in the trial. Her family says that after spending a year in jail awaiting trial, her priority is to be reunited with her five-year-old son.

"I believe in justice", he said, "as long as we protect our justice all of us will be fine".

We remain committed to ensuring those who have been directly impacted by this tragedy, receive the support and care that is needed.

Responding to the verdict, Orange County Sheriff Jerry Demings said he was "disappointed in the outcome".

"I'm so, so happy", her mother, Ekbal Salman, told KPIX 5 through a screen door at the family home. "I told you so and now I came to tell you I told you so, she is innocent". They said Salman, who was born in California to Palestinian parents, was abused by her husband, who cheated on her with other women and concealed much of his life from her. "I'm confident that we will continue to demonstrate the principles of healing, compassion and peace". "Her cousin and two uncles began sobbing and hugging as soon as a clerk read the words 'not guilty'".

"It was a wonderful result and reaffirms my faith in the jury system, " Scheller said.

The jurors said little as they left court. In fact, the government may have withheld evidence "that could have put Noor in a good light" and Clary said the court might not be finished with the prosecutors for mishandling the case.

Swift blasted the Federal Bureau of Investigation for not recording interviews with Salman and said the Federal Bureau of Investigation should join local law enforcement in video recording all interrogations.