Indians stand by families of those killed in Mosul: PM Modi

If your sources have been saying they were alive and now suddenly what happened.

The deceased were mostly construction workers.

The 39th body exhumed from the grave had only a 70 percent DNA match, the minister said. Isis has been accused of executing at least 500 inmates from a prison in the same area in June 2014. We maintained this in 2014 and 2017.

Harjit Masih, who said he was the 40th Indian kidnapped, had claimed in 2015 that the others were all killed while he was in Iraq.

Masih was shot in the thigh but managed to escape to Kurdish-controlled Irbil.

"Giving falsehood to people is actually cruel and suggests a certain level of lack transparency on part of the government", Congress MP Shashi Tharoor said. Kaur had last spoken to her husband on June 15, 2014. The timing appeared to have been forced upon the government by word from Baghdad that the Martyrs Foundation of Iraq, which was conducting the DNA tests, would hold a news conference on Tuesday at 1.30pm Indian time.

He told us that he has been abducted. What was the need to lie to us? The entire world and the neighbouring countries had confirmed that they were not alive.

Earlier in the day, Swaraj had given a statement in the Rajya Sabha on the issue of 39 Indians being killed while in captivity in Iraq. "I will not do this sin", Swaraj had said in the Lok Sabha.

The foreign minister, however, said that she didn't keep anyone in dark as her government neither had the evidence of them being alive nor the evidence of them being dead.

PM Modi assured that government tried their best in the search for the missing Indians.

India was engaged in prolonged efforts for their release and even sought Iraq's help in locating them after Mosul was recaptured a year ago.

Speaking on Harjit Masih's claims, Sushma said that he is just an individual who can simply claim that 39 others are dead, adding that the Government cannot say so very easily as it has to be responsible.

"What Soni had said in Parliament has come true today", he said. The families of 39 missing Indians have moved against me in the court.

Mr Modi said, the Ministry of External Affairs and particularly, Mrs Swaraj and Minister of State for External Affairs General V K Singh left no stone unturned in trying to trace and safely bring back those we lost in Mosul.

Swaraj said, "The plane carrying mortal remains will first go to Amritsar, then to Patna and then to Kolkata".