Fortnite Update Adds Supply Llamas and Remote Explosives

Around 7 pm. the Epic Games official Twitter account confirmed that several issues were occurring related to the Battle Royale. It's a remarkable achievement considering you need an invite to get in.

Epic also said that details of the game's first competitive season will be shared in the coming weeks, alongside a special event called "Party Royale".

If you didn't sign up earlier this week, you can still do so on Epic's website. But, if one of your friends already has an invite, ask them for an invite and that could save you the time you had to wait for one. Once it does, you'll know what to do next. If you download the app and try to gain access without first signing up, receiving your code and clicking through from the email, this can cause the app to crash before it opens properly.

The teams will be built soon, and we'll receive more information in the coming months, but there's no shortage of candidates to pick from.

Not much is known about who the 100 players will be.

If you're on Android, like me, you'll have to keep playing the game on PC or console, which ... sounds great to me? You can get it from Treasure Chests, Floor Loot, Supply Drops, and the newly-added Supply Llamas. There are widespread reports across YouTube, Reddit and Epic Games' forums saying that an iPhone 6 will not work.

Investment firm Oppenheimer has been reported stating that Activision executives were "keenly aware of how other games publishers have recently benefited" by offering games in this particular genre, and that the company "is a faster follower". Developer Epic Games is capitalizing on the game's skyrocketing popularity with an esports tournament in June, a major event that will feature pro Fortnite players as well as celebrities of all stripes. Same gameplay, same map, same content, same weekly updates. It's exactly what it says - explosives that you place, then activate from afar by pushing a button. Also, in-app purchases are available to those who require them.